Wednesday, June 27, 2001

The To-Do List for 'ZonaFest 2001, 8pm

  1. Buy more shorts. I have only 2 pair (Done)
  2. Obtain reading material for trip for myself and Geoff (Done, with exceptions)
  3. Confirm with Dan M drop off time for dog (Done, date/time set)
  4. Pack for me and Geoff (not done)
  5. Color hair (done)
  6. Pick up prescription from CVS (will be done on way to drop off dog, see number 3)
  7. Drop off video rentals (see #6)
  8. Dishes (do before leaving/Thursday night)
  9. Get directions to airport
  10. Buy Gift for Emily Yag's birthday (after all, she is the hostess when we visit!)
  11. Leave note for Pete with contact info, how to turn on water for hose (to be done tomorrow)
  12. Give megan the plants in the pot to babysit (to be done tomorrow)
  13. Feed that fish
  14. Locate and secure tickets where you won't misplace them

Right then. Steady on. I hate getting organized for a trip, but this one seems to be under control thusfar. I am struggling with whether or not to "drug" the Boy with some benadryl before the flight, people have suggested it to me. I think I will bring some just in case he's a total wired basket case and won't be calm/quiet through the trip... it will be very obvious immediately whether or not this will be necessary. Kind of funny that I'm even thinking of 'dosing' my kid as it were, but friends have recommended it to me, they've done it with their children... I'm not sure it's a great idea, so I will just keep it as a consideration.

Doug and Jessica have called me from St. Louis, MO and Salinas, KS. I have no idea where they are today... they could have gone from Kansas south to Oklahoma and Texas, into New Mexico, or, from Kansas westward to Colorado. I wonder which they chose. Doug's put a lot of miles between us since Saturday, and I'm looking forward to hooking the fandamily up in Phoenix.

My dog will be babysat by a very good friend who has watched him before. The last time Kinger was there he was with Missy. Kinger chewed the arm off their leather couch, and ate a duck off of the kitchen counter, which made him sick to death the following day (here at our house, luckily... I would have felt horrible if it had been at Dan's...) Dan has 2 dogs, both are retrievers... they are fun. We'll babysit them in August in exchange for this. We babysat them last summer when Dan and his fiance Honey went to Thailand (that's where she hails from) for 2 weeks. Dan neglected to tell me one of his dogs has a "thing" for hair scrunchies. I was sitting in the grass after a rousing game of tennis ball with all four dogs, and Buddy came up behind me and bit my hair... and started dragging my by my ponytail across the yard, yanking and pulling and scaring the living crap out of me. Finally the hair scrunchie came out of my hair and she danced away tossing it in the air victoriously, and rolling around with it like a kitten with a ball of yarn.

What a fucked up dog.

Anyway, I love them, I love Dan... he's great. I need to get that list at the top of the page completed to the Nth degree so as to enjoy my visit down at his house with him when I drop off the dog. I don't want to ditch and run, nor do I want to stay there, be friendly, hang out, and then come home to a complete catastrophy of life.

Off to pack.

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