Tuesday, July 24, 2001

baby shower

This weekend, my friend Bonnie's family threw a baby shower for her. She's expecting her first baby in about 3 weeks. It was a surprise, and Bonnie was truly surprised... her mom and sisters and other family folk put out a tasty spread of finger foods and secret recipe meatballs (frozen meatballs, 1 jar of grape jelly, 1 jar of heinz chili sauce... heat up. serve) and she opened presents.

Now, I love presents. I love watching people open presents. I love the expressions on their faces when they get something so wonderful that it breaks their heart into pieces. I love the expressions when they get something that is a little out of whack with their personal sensibilities. Bonnie didn't get anything that offended her personal inner style and outward expressions of such that will be represented on her baby. Nope. She got heaps of amazingly wonderful and useful stuff, including sensitive skin baby wash items from family members in the know (she and Duncan both have very sensitive skin... hence baby will most likely be similarly afflicted).

I went shopping the day before the shower. I wanted to go to this really nice outlet store called Mia Bambini in Lawrence, but Lo and Behold, they were closed for vacation. That's okay. When the baby is born and we know if it is a boy or girl, THAT'S when I'll go back there and get something really pretty/handsome and special. So I went to Gap Kids, and in the way back of the store they have a baby section, and 80% of the baby items are always marked down... so I got four ensembles/rompers, and 3 toys, and the toys matched the clothes. And I looked like I knew how to fucking SHOP baby! Yeah!

The clothes were so cute, that while I was shopping I actually stood there and like cried... I had to wipe tears away a couple times just so I could see what size the clothes were. Tiny baby clothes always make me schmoopy. And I wasn't the only one... there was another woman there shopping who kept doing the same thing. The sisterhood of schmoopy layette shoppers.

I'm psyched to see this baby in the cool clothes he/she got. Bonnie's brother in law's mom (got that? her sister's mother in law) knitted a beautiful sweater/bonnet set for the baby. This is a nice, tight family. Good people. Wonderful taste. Lovely friends.

I had a blast and stayed about an hour longer than I had anticipated. One of the funny things I like about being around Bonnie is she instantly gets me goofy. She gave me a tour of her parent's house, which they've been redoing (understatement) and we went upstairs to the bathroom, and were making fun of her mom's shower cap. So we started modelling it, and acting ridiculous, giggling wickedly and being... like 10 year olds. It was fun. I made her get in the bathtub, all hugely preggo, and put the shower cap on and model for me. I can't wait to post THAT picture on the internet! ha ha ha.

Seriously, I enjoy the time I get to spend with her, and regret a lot that we don't get together as often. But I am glad to know she's there... glad to know her family. Just glad. Makes me all squishy inside.

Like looking at baby clothes.

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