Monday, August 13, 2001

I need a weekend from my weekend.

My parents left this morning after staying at the way out inn for an extended period of time. We did ditch the kids ont hem twice but should have ditched them nightly. We could have had much more fun. Oh well. Coulda Woulda Shoulda. My Aunt Carole and Uncle Jim celebrate their 40th anniversary this month so their kids threw a whizz bang shindig for them. They didn't get to have a big old wedding reception back in the day, so this was what they deserved.

We all went down and got to hang with the extended cousins crew, the little ones got to dance like freaks which is always good... wears them out as if we'd worked them in a factory for 13 hours a day. Geoff was out cold in the car before we hit route 3 north on the way home. I won't write in detail here about the names and faces of the cousins, it isn't appropriate. Suffice to say I dig their stylie selves and wish we could spend more time together.

I did however get to spend some fun time with my sister Linda (pictured here in most unflattering form doing her "Grandma" imitation...and isn't she just SO going to kill me for it too...). She came up from New York for the weekend and we had a nice time. We both kvetched about life and mom and little annoying things. She has an amazing memory. I can't remember half the shit from our shared childhood... I should write down stuff I remember to see if it triggers other stuff. But Linda just has this detailed memory of all the little things, and it cracks my shit right up.

Take for instance this little anecdote: our washing machine bought the farm last week and even though Doug worked his ass off trying to repair the old girl (SO proud of him, yes I am!), we've determined that it is not worth it... and she'll just have to go and we'll use that all important tax "refund" to buy a new one. So when I told Linda, and she heard the words "Washing Machine" she launched into this little song that we used to sing when we were little...

"Washin' Macheeeeeeen, washin' macheeeeeen, washa washa washa washa washin' macheeeeeeen!" We used to stand in the water at the beach and swing our arms back and forth like the inner workings of a Lady Kenmore and sing this ridiculous little ditty, all the while laughing our little asses off.

When she sang that, I was shocked. It took me a minute to recognize as I had TOTALLY forgotten that song. But suddenly, there we were, clear as a bell at Gold Star Beach in Huntington standing near the concrete pipe that brought runoff down from the streets of Southdown, singing "Washin' Macheeeeeeeen!" And I bet at the time that she couldn't have been older than two. I can see her with her long white hair and her little tiny buddah belly, and me with my short little shag haircut, doin' the washin' macheeeeen.

It's amazing.

She also has an uncanny ability to read my mind. Right when my mom does something that drives me crazy (do NOT ask me for an example or we'll be here all damn day) or I'm tempted to SAY something to my mom, Linda will not even make eye contact with me, but say softly "let it go... just let it go. It isn't worth it..." and I start laughing.

We decided that someday when Auntie Lee Lee gets married (BAAAAAAHHHH! inside joke) we're going to do some half drunk retarded karaoke duet, with her in her gown and me crammed into a corset and a dress that makes me look like a natural casing sausage, and we'll make everyone laugh their asses off.

We are two funny babes when we get going.

Maybe we'll sing "Washing Machine..."

Here's one of my favorite pictures ever of Linda, with my kids, about 2 summers ago, maybe three, and the kids look more like they belong to her than to me. Funny.

We also dog sat this weekend for my buddies Dan and Honey. They went to Baltimore for the weekend so we got their two dogs, Tiger and Buddy. I enjoy these dogs a lot, and Kinger does too. He likes having playmates. They all got along so well, and we played hours of fetch. I was sad to see them go when Dan came to get them.

Dan and Honey also picked up an Orioles Tshirt for Geoff... and he loves it. So they are king and queen in our book. Geoff does the funniest thing, when he has to leave Dan or our other buddy Ben, he gets so sad and does this horrible weeping/melodramatic heartbreaking departure scene, and cries for a half hour as if his entire soul is being wrenched from his body... He doesn't do that when I leave... which bums me out. But it is cute to see him love someone so much that it makes him cry.

What else can I report on... Oh! The best news of the weekend is Bonnie and Duncan had the baby last night! I called their house just hoping to leave a message inquiring on how the belly was doing, and much to my amazement found they had their calls forwarded to the cell phone or hopsital room or something, and lo and behold she'd hatched. Baby Girl, Chloe Mae, 7lb, 15oz., healthy, and mom sounded relieved to be done. Congrats to them! Their hospital posts baby pics online, so when that's available I will link over to it. Or just steal the picture, heh heh. If they don't mind.

I rented "Saving Silverman" on our Blockbuster 30 movies deal... It wasn't very good. But my buddy Jack Black, pictured left, ("High Fidelity," "Mars Attacks!" and "Tenacious D") was in it and was really funny.

Jack plays J.D., a really stupid moron who grows up with his two best friends, Wayne and Darren. Darren is sad because he keeps getting dissed by women, and longs to meet his one and only, his special someone. In attempts to be encouraging, they push Darren over to Judith, played passably by Amanda Peet. She begins to control his life down to "allowing" him to masturbate, and the two losers left behind then realize that Judith isn't the right kinda gal for their lifelong friend and they try to save their buddy from the grasp of the controling manipulative bitch.

The premise of the film was funny... the overall presentation rather pedestrian. A couple funny scenes, a great chase scene, horrible ending, and some incredibly dumb dialog pretty much sum the film up... In the end, everyone does find their special someone, complete with a wedding brawl and a gay marriage... and they live happily ever after, we suppose.

The BEST part of this movie is the fact the three friends are in a Neil Diamond tribute band. Neil Diamond actually saves the day in the film. Damn funny plot twist there. And he seems like a really good sport. See pictured above wondering to himself "How did my career ever sink this low!" Jack Black is rocking out there in the middle next to Jason Biggs, who I swear is about 20 years younger than Jack. Whatever.

I rented "Barenaked in America" a documentary about my favoritest band to date, Barenaked Ladies. I went to watch it last night with Jessica and there was a big warning about sexually explicit content, nudity and adult language and themes... so I rethought allowing her to see it. I'll watch it tonight and determine if she can see it... she's a big fan as well.

Well this entry certainly is much longer than I originally intended. Damn. So much to say, so much to say, so much to say... open up my head and let me out. Little Baby!

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