Friday, November 30, 2001

Happy and Sad rock notes

It's a rock and roll kind of day.

Today, in my inbox (the physical mail, not the email inbox) there was a small package for me, courtesy of Shilo of Intelligent Records. Shilo used to be one of the students that worked for/with me at SSC, and is a Macintosh Demigod. He left school and started a music management company called Intelligent Records. He asked me once to make a website for one of the musicians on his dance card, Denise Hradecky. It's a very simple site, and i like the rollovers at the top of the page.

Shilo has been at this for a couple of years, promoting concerts, selling CDs, doing the distribution... and he sent me a CD of a new band he signed last month called Balsa Gliders. They are from the Washington DC area, but have North Carolina/Virginia roots. The CD is pretty good. I need to listen more closely. I think I really like it... It sometimes takes me a few listens of something to decide. The opening song "Armrest" initially made me think of John from They Might Be Giants' voice. I also enjoyed "Green Street." The website has MP3s you can download and a tour diary. I recommend them highly. Gotta love indie rock, and thanks Shilo!

So there was rejoicing for music.

Additionally, I spent a little time today looking up Kevin Hearn and leukemia on the internet. Found out he just released a solo album with his band, Kevin Hearn and the Thin Buckle, a couple weeks ago. Titled H-Wing, the name comes from the wing of the hospital he was laid up in while being isolated in treatment for the cancer. The article I read proudly states that "Kevin Hearn Kicks Cancer's ASS!!!!" and he's a survivor more so than Destiny's Child could ever imagine. Very nice. I've never heard him sing, haven't heard any of his solo work. I'm curious... must check it out. It also made me think of my friend Gregg who is in remission for Hodgkins, and anytime there's a thought that leads you to a friend you don't get to see too often, that's a good thing, darnit.

So thinking of Kevin's recovery, thinking of Gregg, there is more rejoicing for music.

But with happy, there is sad.

And in the sad part of the rock and roll scene, Once a Beatle, Always a Beatle George Harrison passed on today.

I wasn't a huge George fan in the 60s (I was very small) or the 70s for that matter. When I was growing up and discovering music, Paul was my favorite Beatle. I loved the way he shook his head back and forth while singing. I liked the fact he was a lefty. George was just kind of ... meh. There. Wallpaper.

But as their careers grew on, Paul became less interesting to me. Kind of grew full of himself as the luvable cockney artiste. Aw shucks, me mum says I'm a good geetar playa. And that ridiculous wife of his. And the Michael Jackson when he was still black thing. And now the poetry readings? Uh, okay. Whatever.

But Harrison quietly led his life... He did good works, went through difficult times Had the wife Pattie (aka Layla) struggle with Clapton, and eventually became good friends again with him, the both referring to each other as ex-husbands-in-law. Nice to see forgiveness in action I guess. And she ended up screwing Clapton over bigtime, and he became a raging alcoholic there, so Karma was a bitch, I guess.

I also became fond of George because he sort of looked like a guy I had a crush on in high school, or so my mother made me think.

And he just kind of grew on me.

"Give me Love" was an amazing song that I loved to sing along with on the radio. I thought the concerts for Bangladesh were amazing... even if they turned out to be a logistical nightmare. I thought it was too bad he got sued for allegedly ripping off the Chantall's "He's so Fine" where in this day and age that would just go unnoticed. He was a Traveling Wilbury. With Messrs. Orbison, Petty, Dylan, and Lynne.

And of course, he worked with the Pythons on Handmade Films, especially My Michael Palin. You know my adoration of Mr. Michael E. Palin of North London. Here's what Palin had to say:

"Michael Palin of Monty Python's Flying Circus said Harrison's spiritual side was balanced by a hardheaded business sense.

Harrison stepped in to finance Monty Python's "Life of Brian" film in 1978, and his Handmade Films company also produced Palin's "A Private Function."

"You know, George wasn't head in the clouds all the time. When it came to business and all that he was feet very much on the ground. So there was a mixture there, and it was a rather pleasant mixture." Palin said.

Palin said Harrison was more spirited than his nickname, "the quiet Beatle," indicated.

"He never stopped talking when I was with him," Palin said. "He wasn't the silent one that sat in the corner by any means." " (Boston Globe)

I bet they were fun to hang around with. He did a lot very quietly with the latter part of his life. Did some good work. "All those years ago" is a great song, for John Lennon. Now we have to contend with Paul writing George's obituary tribute song. It'll be pure schmaltz. Horrid. I can hardly wait.

So it's the weekend. I'm still feeling sick...have to shake this. We're going to the HydeAWay in Maine again on Sunday for dinner with a large group of extended friends... some of whom I haven't seen for a while. Should be interesting. Speaking of which, here's a picture of me from my birthday, thanks to Marcia, cake maker.You can see how red my skin is. I have been wearing makeup to lessen it, but didn't have any on this day. The cake was great.

Saturday we are cleaning the garage. Our tenant has a couple of snow mobiles that he wants to put into a safe space. Right now the garage is a damn disaster area, so it needs cleaned anyway. So, for our sake and for Pete's needs, we go to it. Clean away. We should be spending the time getting the interior of the house ready for when the cold comes, but this is rather important because we don't want his flatbed and snowmobiles getting pinched from the drive.

Plus, we can work inside any time. The weather lately here has been ridiculously balmy. Thanksgiving was in the upper 60s. This whole week we didn't drop below 40. I think that's why I'm sick. All the germs... surviving so well in the moist warm air.

I enjoy when fall lasts a long time. But tomorrow is December. Perhaps it is time for ole man winter to smack us on our comfy asses and get us some frostiness. Theoretically, I can still plant bulbs tomorrow too. What the heck.

I still have those pictures from the last trip to Maine. Lots of good shots of the kids. Must put them up. December photo gallery coming soon.

Okay. Off for home. Yesterday I got busted by my boss writing in the journal at 3pm. She didn't look too happy with me, so today I'm making a vow to only write after 5pm, or write the night before at home. Problem is, when at home I'd much rather sleep. So saving my entries for late in the day or just not writing for a day or so... that'd be smart. I don't want her firing me for goofing off like this.

Sigh. ON that note.

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