Friday, November 16, 2001

The party's over

The party was a success. We pulled it off and kept it a total secret and she had the surprise of her life. She blushed the brightest red I have seen anyone put on their cheeks naturally in a very long time.

She got some nice gifts from people, including the gifts I bought on behalf of our department. The backrub gift certificate is her favorite, "I'm going to use this THIS weekend!" she said as she waved it in the air.

So I bought the giftage the other day at lunch, and I also bought the stuff for the punch (bought WAY too much), ice cream and sherbert, and LLP gave me the money for fruit salad, so I went to the market at lunchtime and purchased all the foodstuffs. I think all told I must have thrown about 50 bucks at this festivity. If my husband knew.

Thing is, I'm not super close to her, which is weird. I'm not sure why I put in such an effort. Because my boss asked me? Perhaps. Anyway, she was amazed. It's done. Hallelujah.

Jessica got to come to my office today... the school has a half day for parent teacher conference, and so I picked her up and brought her here. She seems to think now that we have fun parties all the time. I told her it's been months since a party and she got lucky showing up on a day when we were having one. She seemed to have a great time. More on that later.

On the way out to the car to get her homework, after the party was done, she took my hand and told me that I am a great mom. I asked why she thought so... she said "you're so kind to people and do such cool things, and you let me come here. I like being here. And you're so cool." I actually had a moment or two when I could bask in her unadulterated love of me, her glory, her adoration. It felt good, and made my heart skip a beat. I love her so much, and it is nice sometimes to hear her say it instead of hearing her gripe about me making her do something.

She's doing her homework across the room. And on the way home, we'll crank up the Barenaked Ladies, we'll sing. We'll rock out. And for just a few more moments I'll be cool.

I have more to write, but need to shuffle her home. More tomorrow.

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