Monday, December 17, 2001

Toaster Fire

Yesterday evening I was toasting English Muffins for dinner.

Sounds like we live in a culinary vacuum, but we don't. Honest. We'd had a huge assed lunch with Aaron & Michelle, so none of us were too hungry for dinner. 8pm was suddenly upon us and I got a little peckish, as did my son. I made Geoff a muffin, and before I brought him his I popped mine in the toaster oven to start, thinking of the gooey peanutbuttery goodness I would soon be enjoying..

I came back into the kitchen to find the toaster oven in spurting flames, smoke belching out of the back and the front. I whipped it open to see if it was an electrical or a residual combustion, and slammed it closed again when the conflagration grew with the influx of precious oxygen.

Unplugging the damned thing and hoping it would start to sort of smother itself, I called for Doug to come help me. He came in and threw baking soda into the incinerated Black And Decker, and said "okay. Let it cool down and we'll wash it out."

The entire counter top was hot, so I didn't want to "let it cool down and wash it out" as it were, so I called him back and asked him to take it out of the house, while I whipped open windows and prayed the counter top wouldn't suddenly flare up.

I lost my English Muffin to boot.


So Doug took the crusty burned appliance out to the deck and dumped it. This morning it looked horrible. Thinking of washing it out wasn't an option. We're getting a new toaster oven.

We've had this one since we got married. It was a bridal shower gift. Not entirely sure who gave it to me, but that thing served us so well over the years. God rest you, Loyal to the end... Dying in the line of duty, O, Toaster of Bread and min-pizzas... you will live forever in our hearts. Sniff.

The weekend was great. Aaron and Michelle came. We had tons of fun. I so enjoy hanging with them. I spent the morning on Saturday shopping at Kittery as described in the last entry.

I didn't find anything for my boss... look though I might. The two ideas we had (bracelet or dining table things) either were way too expensive or they were ... tacky. So we'll go out this week and shop for her.

I bought stuff for the kids, mostly winter fun related... some games... umbrellas (they so need them). Jessica still needs a new winter coat and I have to think of some extra stuff for Geoffrey. Pokemon related I guess. Linda got him the one thin he's been jonesing for - Pop up Mr. Potato Head.

And I got Doug a bunch of stuff but won't confess here as to what they are because I am not sure if he reads the journal. I don't think he does. But I'm not going to make a big mistake and blurt out what he's getting.

Shopping was a lot of fun. I enjoy spending time with Marcia and I am rather irked with myself that time wasn't better spent when they lived here close to us. Damn. But the good thing about them living farther away is that plans are more concrete, there isn't a fly by the seat of your pants element to getting together, and when we go up there we stay overnight... thus making for a longer, more meaningful visit. And the kids get to spend hours upon hours being together, doing very bad things... like our last visit.

I am not sure why, but Geoff does weird stuff when he's there at the Hyde-A-Way. Last time he took their cat food and put it in the laundry chute. This time he took all their toothbrushes and put them in the dryer. From one bathroom upstairs, to another bathroom downstairs, all the toothbrushes... the daily use ones and the backup stash. All went into the dryer. Marcia told me they were wet too, so she thinks he either put them all in the toilet or he put them all in the sink and got them wet. I was mortified. I owe them like 10 toothbrushes.

It cracked me up though. What the hell was he thinking?

Before I met Marcia in Kittery I had to go to the post office. I had dragged my feet on shipping my sister's digital camera to her for three reasons: 1) I was having too much fun with it and did not wish to relinquish control, 2) I am a fat lazy slob and 3) I couldn't find Grandma, the little happy meal figurine we use to do the Grandma webpages.

I had brought her back with me from the Atlantic City trip, and meant to send everything back to Linda so she could take Grandma with her to Florida and Las Vegas. With all the best intentions, I got a box, and stuff to wrap it all up in, and then... couldn't find Grandma.

Jessica found her for me. I put her up in the cabinet above the computer for safe keeping. That was late Friday afternoon, so Saturday at 8 am I find myself waiting in line at the Portsmouth NH post office, to ship a digital camera, a priceless doll, and a santa hat. I figured the Santa hat would be a nice touch.

I couldn't ship it to NY to my sister, for two reasons: 1) the postal service in their area is notorious for losing stuff, mangling stuff, breaking stuff and totally delivering stuff 5 days after the "next fucking day delivery" that you specify and pay for and 2) Linda is leaving TOMORROW (Tuesday) so I figured Saturday to Tuesday wasn't going to get it to her, so I had to ship the box to the Florida Destination and S&V's house there... I hope to God that they get the box in time. They are leaving for Vegas on Wednesday, and the postal lady said the box should reach them Tuesday at the absolute latest.

By the way, the staff at the Portsmouth USPS office is the second friendliest Post Office staff I've ever met or seen in my life. I was floored. I'd live in Portsmouth JUST to go there to the post office. I was treated with great respect. I was given eye contact. I was smiled at.

Aside from the post office in Torrey, Utah, where they put your name on the wall when it's your birthday (This month's birthdays are Joan Stevens and Micah Williams). In a town of about 100 year round residents, that's kind of a cute touch. And, Doug said the clerk there was the nicest post office guy ever.

So, Portsmouth gets thumbs up from me.

The kids are in the Christmas Pageant this year again... seeing as we are staying home and not traveling to points far. Last year, Geoff was a shepherd. He was very naughty. Jessica was one of the 3 wise men, and she did a great job.

This year Geoff is the Star of Bethlehem and gets to wear the coolest costume ever, and Jessica is one of 2 shepherds. Pictures will follow, of course.

I like that we are staying home. I am liking the fact that we are starting to put together our own family traditions. I don't like being on the road at Christmas, having to deal with kenneling the dog or getting him dog sat, dealing with the presents and the toys in the car. I like being home. And aside from the fact that I almost burned home down with a Thomas' nooks and crannies death bomb, it's a great place to be.

It snowed earlier today, big fat heavy flakes of snow. That stopped a couple hours ago and I hear it is now icy conditions out there. Crap. I hate driving in the dark on roads that are potentially deadly. So I'm heading home. If I never post again, and I don't answer your emails... well... you'll know what happened. Otherwise, more updates to come!

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