Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Happy Birthday Douglas

The day thusfar: Up at 7. Readied kids for school. Doug took Geoff, I have to pick up. Took a walk (it is 51 degrees out. Wet and slippery, but oh so gorgeous!) Did coffee and cookies and chat with my neighbor Shelley (one of my daughter's best friend's mom). Decided we will walk if the weather is good on Friday (tomorrow is supposed to rain/sleet). Wrote checks to pay bills. Lunch. Journal. Dishes (next).

Today is Doug's Birthday. He is 34. Happy Birthday to Doug. We were planning on going out to dinner tonight to this swanky pad that costs shitloads of money but Jessie and I have to be to choir practice at 6:30 and we'll be there forever. This coming Sunday is our Rector's last Sunday. He's retiring. So they have special music planned and we have to rehearse it.

So we'll go out Friday night. Get a movie in too. Hopefully I can find me a sitter. Right after we had the last girl babysit (the one the kids liked) she came down with some sort of mystery fever that won't go away so she went home sick, leaving college with all incompletes and with the sinking feeling she wouldn't be back this spring semester. So now I have to find a new sitter. I haven't called her dorm room to see if she came back, not sure she's there... hope she's okay.


So that's on my list of things to do today. In addition to make something kind of nice and special, do the dishes, run to Walmart and the post office (gotta ship my niece's birthday present, but gotta buy it first!).

I had a great interview yesterday and think I'll get a call back for a second interview. The company is growing and doing amazing things. But it would be a hard job, with lots of work, lots of effort. I think that it would be a great opportunity, but it definitely wouldn't be a job with the "dishes" philosophy. It's hard work. I told my former boss about it, and her boss knows the people there who run the place really well... if I want he'll make a call for me. Guarantee me getting in there almost. But part of me isn't ready to jump into a dotcom or software company. Part of me wants to teach part time... dog walk. Waitress.


I'm not sure. Doug is starting to give me the evil eye that I have made literally NO effort here. So I'm kind of getting sad. Not sure what comes next. Just kind of happy having some alone time to do stuff.

By the way, the thing I saw in the woods the other day is a turkey. A friggin TURKEY who is living with two ducks. They were walking along the creek bed yesterday when I went to take Jessie to school with her diorama (see below) and I was scraping ice off the car window and looked out of the corner of my eye down into the creek beside the car and there they were. Un friggin real. He/She is HUGE!!!!!

I'll try and grab a picture of it. At least I'm not thinking it's a Sasquatch.

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