Thursday, January 31, 2002

Snow Grilling

It is snowing like a mother bleeper out there. I just got back from the market, we were out of dog food so I figured I'd best get there before the masses raid the place and all the everything is gone.

Around here, the media frenzies the populous up into a froth whenever a storm is coming. And this is no different. I was there at 9am, and the place was mobbed. Damn! Tomorrow it is going to be 45 degrees. They will bake bread again someday! Cows will be milked! Oh my God people! Calm your asses down!!!


Anyway, I got my dogfood and some grillables, I like to grill in the snow. It messes with my neighbors' senses. Grilled meat in the snow, those two things just go together nicely in my book but somewhat disturb the sensibilities of New Englanders. When Doug and I were in College and we were doing our semester in Oregon, one of the instructors was a guy named John Linton. He was a riot. Always wore a knit cap, day and night, probably slept in it too. And he grilled every night. One night we were walking to the library and he was in his garage with his toque on his head, his heavy down coat, his snow pants, his super winter gloves, and 3 feet of snow all around him -- grilling.

Now I know I have a problem -- I can't recall if I've mentioned that before. Oh ye gods... have I just repeated myself??? Am I becoming an old lady early, telling the same damn stories over and over. Shit. I better stop on that one.

No news yet on the work front. No response yet from the interview I had a week ago. I went to the local school district's administrative office and picked up a substitute teacher packet. I may do that for a while... at least until the end of this school year perhaps.

I also sent my resume and portfoio to a company in Maine, 2 hours from here, suggesting I could telecommute if he liked my stuff. The guy wants me to mock up a site for a make pretend furniture company, to see how I follow direction... So I am going to work on that today.

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