Saturday, February 23, 2002

Brush With Greatness? Topher Grace

Sigh. Got home around 6:30. Ordered Pizza. Kids watching Samurai Jack on Cartoon Network. Doug in bed. Me, building the picture show which will thrill and amaze you. But it isn't ready yet, so here's an entry to tell you about our adventures first... Dying to tell. Okay get your giddy little celebrity thrill pyjamas on girls, because I think I saw someone famous this trip!!!! Not someone sorta famous, but wicked super famous in MY little book.

We left on Thursday just after noon. The car was so packed up, that I had no place to put the pie I'd made for the A&M clan... so it had to ride between my feet, which in and of itself is sorta odd, but... it was the absolute safest place other than staying in our fridge.

Why do I tell you about the pie? It works its way back into the story.

We stopped for lunch on I-95/Maine Turnpike at Exit 3 (We call it Wayne's Burger King because that's the exit for the Hyde-A-Way where Wayne lives with his clan...).I had to put the pie on the ground beneath the car when we went in, because Kinger would snarf the pie. How gauche of us, but it was the absolute safest place other than me sitting with it in the car.

I was getting nervous about that poor pie being out in the open, imagining that someone might walk by and steal it, or, call the cops saying there was a suspicious package under a car in the lot... it could be a bomb!

So I ran out to check its well being.

On my way back out to the car, I passed a guy on the way in... he was in a hurry, trotting kind of, looking anxious. He




Eric Forman.

Who??? Whatchoo talkin' bout Christine???

You know, Eric Freaking Forman. That 70s Show on FOX. AKA Topher Grace, his real live name. I did a quick inner "EEEP!" and made eye contact and said "Hi, how are ya!?"

He flashed that trademark honest to goodness Topher Grace smile and said "Great! How bout you?" and trotted past as I said "Bmlepgffh. Thanks!"

He had on an orange long sleeved T-shirt much like my all time favorite Abercrombie and Fitch factory second (which I also had on at the same time... how childish am I for noting this...??!!) and black jeans. He is very thin, very tall, his hair wasn't coiffed as it is on show, but it is the right length, the right cut to just be him.

Holy Favorite Sitcom, Batman.

I think I just passed Topher freaking Grace in the parking lot at Burger King in February in Maine!!

Naah. Can't be. No way.

The Pie? Oh. Yeah. The pie was fine. Uh, yeah. fine.

I ran back in and told Doug. He was doubtful. What would Topher Grace be doing driving up the Maine Turnpike in February? Not possible. Isn't he like in College someplace in California or some shit? Naaah. Can't be him.

The seeds of doubt were thus scattered into my little mind and my schoolgirl giddiness was cut back a notch or ten. Okay. Realistically, he's absolutely right. Highly improbable. Can't be him.

So Doug took the boy to the bathroom, Jessie went her way to do likewise, and I ran out to the car to have a clear view of the lot and the doors. the seeds of doubt not choking out the saplings of celebrity stalking, er, looking out for. Not stalking. Yeah. That's it.

Doug and the kids came out and headed towards me, and right behind them was the Topher look-alike or be-exact.

I signalled to Doug that the guy was behind him. He (Doug) glanced over his shoulder and didn't immediately shoot me his "no fucking way" look upon which he has a patent pending. I got the one eyebrow raised and small smirk response.

The Topherganger got into his car -- an 2001 black Lexus SUV with Connecticut plates, and picked up his cell phone and he started his car and quickly got back on his way... He gave us a big wave and flashed that smile as he passed in front of our car, with me standing there mouth agape and Doug grinning. I wanted to hand him the pie. "Here, Topher, this is for you! I thought you might like it instead of someone just hounding your ass for an autograph or calling you "Hey, dumbass!" all the time! Come back! Get your pie! Here's your Piiiiiiiieeeeeee...."

Doug said "I think you're right... I think that really IS him."

So. I hear you asking... why no pictures? The queen of the online journal picture shows doesn't have a picture of the Topherganger.

First of all, thanks to Doug's sowing the seeds of doubt, I wasn't 100% sure it was him. Secondly, he was in a hurry first to pee then to leave. And Finally, I was in shock. I mean, I love this kid. That show is a riot (for those who don't watch it, it really truly is. And shut the hell up Chalmers, it SO is, you dumbass!)

So the opportunity to take the picture wasn't really there. And if it wasn't him, boy wouldn't I just feel like a dumbass. Red Forman'd be calling me a dumbass from here to Kenosha.

Suffice to say, I was giddy as a schoolgirl. I like the guy a lot, would love to see him acting in more roles and really enjoy the character he plays on That 70s Show... I would have loved to have stopped him to ask, but for some reason I just didn't. And you know me. I walk up to people and make them hold a 4 inch tall plastic figure which I pretend is "Grandma" fer chrissake. I am not a shy girl. Just that he looked like he needed to be going quickly, so I didn't pester him.

I'm kicking myself for it now though.

The rest of the ride to A&Ms was celebrity free though... we got there in good time, had a kick ass meatball and sausage spaghetti dinner that could NOT be beat even if it happened to be served by Topher Grace, and got a good night's sleep.

Geoff was up early. We all went to the Bangor Children's Discovery Museum in beautiful Downtown Bangor (which really IS beautiful... I was always told it was a decrepid, falling down, piece of shit city, but really it was nice nice nice, in a northern urban way... not in a Beverly Hills or Sedona kind of way) and had a ham dinner that couldn't be beat.

We bailed on A&M early, as we'd planned, because both of them have huge projects due Monday, Jessie has a project due Monday, and Doug is reading in church Sunday, so we had to be back by tonight in order to get out of their hair and get something done. The time was short but had its moments of lingering fun and kid free time for all of us to hang. We watched that 16 year old big nosed helmet-haired girl win the skating thing and then listened as Bob Costas said at least ten times that Michelle Kwan was entitled to the gold... what a tool he is. Damn. I was happy an American won, I didn't care who, and the Sarah girl with the helmet hair did skate herself one freaking excellent program, and Ms. Kwan and the Russian chick both did make big mistakes and didn't have nearly the amout of energy or enthusiasm in their performances. So we all agreed that while her shrieking and goofy hair bugged the crap out of us, we thought she did a good job. Hurray!

After we left today, A&M passed out. I don't blame them at all. I can't believe I'm still awake, and the only reason my daughter is is because she slept for like three hours in the car on the way home.

One final note, my son is a complete pain in the ass, a disobedient little shit, and an adorable dude all at once. Got about three major punishments, one for snapping one of Aaron's indoor palm trees in HALF after being told repeatedly to keep his hands off of things that weren't his. He got in trouble again when we got home. Aaron had found a pair of kitchen shears IN his bed on Friday afternoon, and even though Michelle insisted Geoff stay out of her room he went in there anyway. Aaron couldn't find any immediate or obvious damage, like sliced pillow cases of holes in the comforter, so we let it slide. We got home and Aaron had left us a message stating that they figured out what Geoff had done.

He'd poked a mess of holes in the ceiling above their bed, right where their eyes would look after waking from their well deserved nap today.

So... he got punished. I think God is punishing me for having the audacity to say that people need to control their kids in public. Karma's a bitch with a gold tooth. I'll leave it at that.

I'm going to work on the picture show, write a letter to Topher Grace and never hear from him, and go to bed.

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