Tuesday, February 26, 2002

"I'm Havin' Trouble Tryin' To Sleep..."

Aaah, Greenday. Gotta love em even if true punks think they are sellouts. I enjoy their softcore punk/pop. Beats the crap out of what mostly passes for popular music these days.

It's a little after Midnight. I am still up but should not be in any way shape or form. As of late, I've been unable to fall asleep until about 2am. I've been getting up by 8am and being up for the day... it isn't like I get up and then pass back out again. Although that sure is damn tempting.

Tomorrow the small second graders of a local school district get to have me for their sub. For two days total...

Guaranteed. I'll make 75 bucks a day to hang out with shorties. I'm bring plenty of Ibuprofen. I only hope I can bring the biggest coffee I can carry. So I've got that tomorrow and Wednesday, and catering on Thursday. On Friday, lunch with S & L at Chez N... more on that later. I've got a busy week. I need to get some damn sleep!

Instead of sleeping, I've been sitting at this PC all damn night. Loading QA corrections to my page, I'm in the middle of November's entries and have to redo the November picture show. It's all messed up. But I've also got other fish to fry ...

I just spent about an hour working on the first page of a site redesign for a friend. She runs the Massachusetts Heart Coalition, and asked me to help her site out. It's on tripod and is a one page site that is just full of info, tiny text... crammed with stuff. So we're looking to move to a better format that is easy for all to read. The site will have some interactivity, some rollovers, and the graphic will be sliced up so the body will be editable and not a big graphic... I think it is too pink. She might too. What do you think?

She lost her newborn son to a heart defect. He was about a week old when he died. Most painful funeral I've ever attended in my life. She has rebounded with a courage and spirit that I can only admire and be amazed by, and they have a lovely little daughter now who is the light and joy of her and her husband's life. It's a story for another time. Don't want to start your morning off with a sad story here. I've done that too many times, and I'm supposed to be (a)musing, damnit!!!

I also inherited a site to design from my friend Naomi the Australian. She had preliminary meetings with a dart store in Revere, but obstacles are preventing her from giving her full attention to it. I told the woman I'd have something for her this Friday... A dart store. Guess I'll go with a bullseye theme? How... obvious. But... that's what she wants and I "aim" to please. Ouch. That was bad.

In better news, my sister called me tonight and asked me to ride with her on her move to Florida. She isnt renting a UHaul or anything, she's taking what she can in the car and will come back for the contents of her room when she has an apartment of her own. She will stay with some friends until she's on her feet and working and has a place, then will worry about the furniture she's leaving at my parents. My husband didn't look too thrilled, but he's the coolest guy and totally didn't bitch and moan about being left with the kids.

The way it looks is I'll go by train to NYC to meet her at my parents', on Wednesday March 20th. We'll get a good night's sleep and drive like lightning (not crash like thunder, thanks Brian Setzer Orchestra!) to F to the L to the A A A.

I'm punchy. Sorry for that last one. I'm kinda giddy about it too. Sistah's are roadtrippin to the southland y'all.

I will probably fly back to New Hampshire from Ft. Lauderdale on the Tuesday night, if not on Monday. Depending on how long Doug can handle the kids alone. And depending on when I can get a flight. That's college break for a lot of schools, so I have to look into getting a ticket poste haste!

Okay. I'm officially tired now. It's been a long day. I took bottles to the redemption center, spent 200 bucks on 2 weeks worth of groceries, did site work, played hotwheels... I hope I'm okay in the morning to put up with 2nd graders. Eeep!

A report on how I survived, or if they survived, follows this entry. Adieu

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