Sunday, March 17, 2002

Where's me pot'o gold?

I have a good friend from when I was in high school and her name is Patty. Her last name starts with an O. Every St. Patty's day I would call her Patty O'Furniture. I still get a chuckle out of it. I'm sure she would think I'm a total mental case for just the recollection of the nickname. She and I had a lot of fun together. I miss her.

Anyway, not much to enter today. The Finnean frivolity will be limited this day. We don't have much going on. Jess went bowling with Megan and her family. Geoff was bad at church so Doug dragged him home. I'm tired, didn't get a good night sleep. We have to check on how things are going upstairs. The faucet wasnt the problem, there is a leak somewhere between the faucet and the shower head, so Pete tore the wall out, and we have to check and see what he was able to accomplish. The great thing about having him as a tenant is he knows how to do stuff like this. He should be the home owner... we're lucky to have him here. But we need to see what he was able to accomplish.

I'm tempted to tell them that I can't sub on Tuesday. I don't know why the hell I agreed to it. I have to get the discman from Ben (so we have tunes to listen to on the way to FLA, me and my sister), I have to pack. I have to pack for my family to overnight in NY. I have to give Doug the lowdown on what to do for Geoff to get him to go to bed while I am gone. I have to work on the site I haven't finished. I'm swampped. And, I am tired.

So we don't have a lot of fun planned today. Doug wants to go for a walk because the next four days are supposed to be dreary and dark. It'll be good for us to get Geoff out.

I took some pictures for you to show that we haven't totally lost our spirit. And Doug is drinking the last Guinness we have in house. Suffice it to say, there is a wee bit'o'tha green a'flowin' here at the Way Out Inn, just a wee bit.

Doug gets his Irish Setter, I mean his Rottie Mix,
to pose in the hat of frivolity.

Aaaargh! They're always after me lucky charms!

The hat is too big so he has to keep his head tilted back.
Makes him look cocky.

Megs never knows what's gonna happen to her when she comes to visit.
Here, we embarrass her with a hat.

We bought these two hats when we were in Maine on the Northern Hospitality tour, and it was with full intent to be wearing them whilst shitfaced with A&M. But alas, instead, we're wearing them normal. And it isn't quite as funny as if we'd been full o'black and tans. But hey. Everyone got into it, as you can see, and we don them in honor of our buddies who aren't here to wear with. I'm gonna see if I can get Pete or Jen to put one on next.

Have a great day all.

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