Friday, April 12, 2002

april school vaction looms ahead

Just got home from working for Catering Man, and I got to revisit the food of my greatest defeat -- the Bacon Scallop. Last time I made them, they came out horribly wrong in every possible way. Bacon too crooked and short to wrap around scallops, scallops that fell apart in my hands. Catering Man would pick them each up and create a masterpiece out of them, showing me how it was done... and I'd make the attempt, but fail. I stank of bacon fat for a week afterwards and the sight of a mere scallop would push me to the brink of tears. And yea, sometimes over it... I admit.

But today, he handed me the ingredients once again. At first, I balked, saying "are you sure you want me to do these? The last time I did them they came out so ghetto. I bet you had to redo them..." He didn't recall.

"I trust you... you can do it. Practice makes better."

Aaahhh... practice makes better. I like that. I like that a lot. So, I pulled my hair back into a long ponytail, put on the apron of courage, and stuck my hands into the soy sauce and sesame marinade and pulled out the first scallop.

The bacon was straight as an arrow this time, par cooked by a different prep person than the last. I rolled, it was perfection. I gained confidence.

Before I knew it, I had something like 200 bacon scallops wrapped and ready for bread crumbs and baking.

And I sampled one before leaving for the day.

I kicked bacon scallop ASS today, I tell you what. I'm proud of me. Practice made better.

The Terminix guys are here kicking termite ass on my property. They are installing the centricon system around the perimeter of the house, and hopefully this will be the greatest investment ever. Kick their blind little albino asses. Motherfuckahs! You come in my house? You come in MY house? I don't think so. Eat red hot Dow Chemical, you little shits!

Alright. Yeah. Word.

I'm in kind of a loopy mood today. A good mood, even though we are financially fucked and I'm not sure how we are going to pay our taxes. But I'm not letting that piss on my veritable parade y'all. I'm good with happy.

School vacation starts for Doug and Jessica today. Doug has to do our taxes (don't say the T word to him. He gets rather upset) and we may or may not play host to Aaron and Michelle during this upcoming week. Or heck, we could go up there. Who knows. We're fly by the seat of your pants kinda kids.

Yesterday I took Jessica to the dentist for her bi-annual cleaning. They told me her 12 year molars are almost all the way down (wha wha whaaaaat!!!) and that she really really needs to see an orthodontist as soon as possible. Mother humper. Another big fucking chunk of money. Her teeth are all crooked as tombstones in an 18th century Revolutionary era boneyard in Boston. Meh! But it has to be taken care of... the first appointment will be a consultation, and she has four loose molars right now, so it's not like they are going to want to put her in braces today. But man. What the heck. Meh! again I say Meh!

There was a little party for Geoff yesterday at his school. I attended... his wish for a special lunch was spaghetti and meatballs.

When Geoff's teacher told the kids that he was leaving on Tuesday, one little girl burst into tears... and the boys that he is friendly with were mad. When I came the next day to drop him off, they grilled me about why was I taking Geoff out of school... how could I do this.

But the real terror of the day wasn't that Geoff was breaking hearts and leaving friends behind. It was his wish for dessert.

Jello snack paks.


Jello snack paks. You heard me! I trembled slightly when I saw them, recalling that horrible day in February when... oh, I can't describe the carnage. Go see for yourself. Anyway, I knew I had to hold it together, you know... for the kids. They wouldn't understand. They all love me, and give me career advice. I, I just had to keep it cool.

Well, I survived... here's the evidence:

That is MY hand stirring the whipped cream into the chocolate pudding.
I overcame my fear. I fear pudding no more.
My days of pudding terror are over. Long live me!

And here are some of Geoff's friends who loved the free lunch, and I'll always remember their career advisement.

A good class of kids, and I wish that Geoff had done better by some of them. He fought a lot, was his usual hard to get along self. But you can see, there were some, like the little boy in the blue stripey shirt, who adored him. And he'll be sorely missed for the rest of this year. Sniff. His teacher is giving him a memory book, and I'm sure it will impact me more than him.

They told me we are welcome to join in on Chapel Wednesdays when the kids do their chapel service. I may do just that for the academic year. It was always Geoff's favorite day and thing to do. So there is nothing stopping us from participating. Unless he doesn't want to go. We shall see.

Alright. Terminix is gone, they installed 20 death machines in my yard, so watch out you little suckers. HA. And I need a nap.

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