Sunday, May 05, 2002

Doctor Appointment

When Geoff was in school we decided that he needed to be behaviorally tested. We made some phonecalls, got bossed around by bitchy hospital secretaries, begged for an appointment, finally got one even though this one particular bitch claimed that the "doctor says" annd the "doctor indicates" that Geoff doesn't need behaviorally assessed, he needs to see a psychiatrist.

Well, I'd agree with that if I had some sort of behavioral test to take with me to the psychiatrist, bitch. Give us an appointment.

Today is the day of the appointment. 10am in Salem. Our family practitioner really wanted us to go here, and for some reason they didn't want to see us. When I called our doctor's office back after dealing with the initial bullshit, she was angry and called THEM.

We got the appointment.

Geoff is getting dressed and told me he'll do everything the doctor asks him to do. He's actually really excited about this.

But here's the thing... in the last several weeks, his behavior has improved markedly, I'd say 10 fold. He's more obedient, blows up only when really really tired, has learned to control his temper, express his feelings without throwing things. He's doing really well. Doug doesn't think we need to go through with any testing at this point. My rationale is that he's great NOW because I'm home with him, we've been working on his behavior management, he's happier than he was 5 months ago. What happens when he needs to go back to school, and NOT be with mommy all day.


Will the same behaviors rear their collective fugly heads? Will he turn back into Angry Geoff? What can we expect? I'd like to have a CORE eval done, and then figure out which direction we need to move in.

We shall see what happens. I will of course blab my heart out here. Don't I always?

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