Wednesday, June 26, 2002

It's all about Not Giving Up.

I slept late this morning. It felt great. My legs hurt, I was exhausted... but I woke refreshed. I had a phone meeting with the Theatre professor that I'm working with this summer, that took about an hour... and afterward Doug says, "I figured out what we did wrong yesterday at Parker River. There are blah blah blah..." coordinates styles, decimal points vs. colons... in short, he knows what to do now."

So we went back to the scene of our first geocache, armed with better knowledge and support email from the cache owner who encouraged us that we shouldn't have been in the marsh at all...

And we found it. Hot Damn.

We also got our very first travel bug, which is a trinket that has a trackable number, and you take it out of a cache and put it into another one. I have a feeling it is going to Maine with us. There are 3 Geocaches on MDI, and so far it looks as if all these tags are from Massachusetts, so let's travel this bug to another zone!

Nothing more really to tell. Doug's chefin' up some supper. It's getting on to 7pm. It is hot as a bahstid (Boston Accent, 'bastard') round heah, and I sure could use a beer. Mmmmmmmm. Beeeeeer.

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