Monday, June 24, 2002

Puppy Update....

Let's see how much I can get written this morning. I put Jackie back in her kennel because I didn't want to leave her unattended with Geoff. Not because I fear Geoff hurting her like the guinea pig... but because she puts a good scratch on, and bites, and Geoff is afraid to hurt her so he doesn't push her off and tell her no. I've had to break up a couple crying scraps between them... mostly Geoff crying.

He's watching Pokemon and eating breakfast. Everyone else is asleep. Jackie kenneled from 11pm to 6:30am, so we all got a good night's sleep.

She's a crap machine though. Damn! But I won't get into the particulars of her business. We took her to Petco yesterday afternoon, with Kinger. Met a 1 year old St. Bernard who was as tall as Geoff eye to eye. Jackie was a great big hit and garnered us a lot of attention. Puppies are chick magnets, it is true. Men, if you're looking for some babes -- or babes if you're lookin' for some babes, getcherself a puppy!

All the Petco people loved Jackie and got down to play with her. I felt bad for Kinger, but he got to meet cool dogs and peed on stuff and I pretended not to see. "Cleanup in Aisle Two..."

We bought her a ton of chew toys so she'll chew less on Geoffrey and our brand new sandals. She hates walking on the leash unless she sees Kinger in front of her.

All told, there isn't much to report generally in life, because we're puppycentric at this time. We've got to get work started on the ceiling this week, but Doug's new GPS for geocaching should arrive today and damn if he isn't like some freak little kid or something. I doubt we'll get any ceiling work done this week. There is a possibility this afternoon I may have to go down to the college to work with one of my project professors. So today could be bust all around for ceiling work. Sigh.

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