Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Girl dog is boy dog??? Whaaaaaa?

Doug is making lunch, the last load of laundry is drying, and it's an important one because it's our swim towels and Doug's shorts. So we have to wait for that to be done before we can leave. It's noon, I need to grab a quick shower. We need to go, but I can't resist a quick goodbye.

Doug took Jackie to the vet yesterday for the 10 day checkup and followup shots. Surprise surprise, the reason our girl dog didn't have any visible surgery marks on the belly from getting fixed is -- our girl dog is a boy dog.

Yup. Isn't that an ass kicker?

We have a Jack, not a Jackie. Good thing we didn't name the dog Cindy, or Kelly (although that could possibly swing to male. I had a philosophy prof in college, male with the first name Kelly...) or something overtly feminine. And you may think "What the hell is wrong with these people that they can't tell a boy dog from a girl dog. Let me 'splain.

Missy had a little "button" thingie on her underside, and so does Jackie. Jackie squats to pee, the paperwork identified this dog as female. All the while, we wondered why the "button" thingie just like Missy's was further up the belly than hers was, but ... the papers said... the papers identified this dog... well. Hmmm. Confused.

So the vet's office kind of laughed at Doug, he showed them the paperwork and they shook their heads. We have two male dogs now. And that was NOT what I wanted.


We can't send him back. He is the best dog ever. The dog has the best demeanor of a puppy I've ever seen. The kids are bonding. He is bonding to us. You should hear his tail hit the inside of the kennel in the morning when I get up to get him out. There's a love here.

A body part probably can't change that for us. Not at this point.

The vet also told Doug that he looks like a 100% Newfoundland. I sure hope the hell not. He'll end up 180lbs and drooly. I hope that the lab/aussie shep mix is what he is... Or perhaps the shelter fucked that up too. Who knows.

Well, we're off. Gotta pack everyone up. A couple pictures prior to splitting. Spent the afternoon in the pool yesterday with Nancy and her kids. What a treat. I so wish to hell we'd put our pool up. Damn.

Look at that little boy go! An action swimming shot of Geoff. Love the splash action!

Jessie poses with Em's pigpig.

Nicky, Nancy's thre legged dog. The back right leg isn't there... hard to notice at this angle. She's really fast and very funny. Great dog. Ate grapes right out from between my lips... Nancy was stunned that I'd do that with a strange dog, or any dog at all... but she laughed her ass off. I like this dog. She's a riot.

Okay. That's all I have time for. Next time, remind me to write about Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, the movie we watched last night. Not bad, not great. Certainly not Kevin Smith's masterpiece... hard following up Dogma though.

Bye. Happy fourth. Remember to throw your firecrackers down wind, or they will fly back in your face. Be safe. Love!

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