Sunday, September 08, 2002

Classy Next Door Neighbor Party...

There isn't much going on this weekend... so this entry is happening just because I have a quiet house and don't feel like doing dishes. How's that for a good reason to sit down and write. I'm wasting bandwidth and your time, having nothing to say... all because I am evading work. But who cares. I sure don't. God bless the interneck.

Seeing as I haven't shared any dog pictures in quite sometime... here are two:

Jack is such a cutie -- but lately he's been a complete pain in the ass, crapping wherever he feels like, even if we take him out and walk him for a half hour. This has to stop. He's going to make me mental. And he's growing, so his piles are getting... bigger.

Something for me to hate...

I also hate when September turns into July. I hate when I get used to it being cool enough at night for me to want sheets on my body, and then nature stokes the invisible furnace. It is hot out. My plants, which were slowly starting to recover, are now in a state of re-wilt.

New England. Almost Fall. Go figure.

Football season is in full swing again. Last year when it all got underweigh I was so stoked for the start of season and then Sept. 11th rolled on in. I lost my joy pretty quickly.

I'm not nearly as goofy about it this year, but with memories of last years Pats win, and being in Ben's football pool and fantasy football league, I am hoping my enthusiasm will rise. Right now though, I actually don't feel like getting excited for football. The opening theme for Monday Night Football used to get me rolling with Hank Jr., and I'd be all singing along and shit. This year... it's a step higher than "Meh."

Church is back in full swing. Sunday School always brings the families back. Such was the case with us. I took the kids today. Jessie was all "meh meh meh" about going but when she got there the two girls she is friends with got her sucked into singing with the choir. Doug was scheduled to be the reader, and he didn't come, so I filled in for him. Must say, Best Reading Ever. I enjoy reading to an audience, no matter what the topic. Today's scheduled readings were good ones for me -- and I "killed" as it were. It is always nice after church to have people I don't know, or sort of know, or know really well tell me that they loved the way I read.

I think we may do our Grinch thing again in December. People are already asking. We're almost famous in our tiny parish church.

Next door neighbors had a big party yesterday to housewarm. I baked a big assed banana bread and we all went over after the Hewitt/Agassi match. We were there until wicked late. They're a fun family with crazy friends. Large batches of adults were vanishing off into the woods to smoke pot though... that kind of soured me a tad. But they'd come back and play volleyball or whatever. We had fun chatting with two guys who were baked longer than Sunday Morning Buffet potatoes. They were pretty fun.

Things got a little weird at the end of the evening. One of the women there, she has 5 kids, had been waiting all afternoon for her husband to show up. She called him at 2. He was still at work, he'd come straight up when he was done. She called him at 4. He went home to shower (90 minutes south of the party, when he was 20 minutes away at work...) and he finally showed up at 8 as she was packing up the kids to leave.

She launched. Old school. Fuckin' this and Fuckin' that, f you you f'itty f'ing f'er, in front of her kids, in front of other guests, including me and my son...

Wow. Haven't heard an ass reaming like that in a long time. Then she went in the house to cry and he went out and pushed the kids on the swing while smoking a butt muttering "Pfth, Women. HA!" It should be really interesting living next door to these folks, with these very interesting friends...

C and S (the new home owners and our neighbors) almost started to go at it too. I think that everyone had had a bit too much to drink, and a bit too much smoke, and a bit too much sun. We left a little while after that with the excuse that the kids were filthy (yes they were...) and it would take us all night to clean them up (took 5 minutes in the shower each).

Sometimes you just gotta know when it's time to leave a party so old friends can fight if need be, and you don't get in the middle.

You know what I'm sayin? Yeah. You do.

Anyway. They're all over there again this afternoon although it looks far mellower, and Geoff wanted to go play. So I let him. Let's hope he doesn't cause any problems. Jessie didn't want to go over. She says she's tired of E (the daughter, who is Geoff's age) calling her names.

Again... this should be interesting living next to them.

But I'm not complaining. They seem open about letting people take walks on the trails, and they are the most fun and most generous people I've met since we moved here. So while they may seem kinda redneck, tattooed, crazy... they seem more normal than anyone we've met in quite a while. We'll see how it goes.

More tennis tonight with Sampras/Agassi. I feel the need for a nap. Someone needs to go to the store to buy coffee grinds today or else tomorrow morning will be hell zone. So there is stuff to do and husbands to force out to the supermarket. I need to finish up some websites... I'm done with site one for Professor CM (finished yesterday. viola!) and meet on phone with Professor MF, and get into the work week upcoming. Have a great rest of your weekend.

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