Thursday, October 24, 2002

and the winner is....

here are a couple of you who are checking this journal on a five-times daily basis to see if I got the job. So, without much further adieu --

I didn't.

I got email today from the woman who would have been my boss had they picked me, letting me know they are going with a candidate who currently works for a company like Blackboard or WebCT, who is a former educator.

I always come in second place to someone with exceptional skills. I like that I am close enough to be in the running, but hate that they don't say, "Ya know... this one has a lot of potential and we can pay her less than the bloody farking expert. Let's pick her!"

Alas. I'm going to start looking hard for a new job. I don't know if I'll hear from the college again on a different job that they anticipate an opening for. I wish Prof CM would quit his job and start his own company for us to run and kick ass on. I wish he'd write a 2 year grant funded position that would make me a job instantly doing all kinds of cool technology stuff for him.

I wish a lot.


Well, I'm not too down on the situation, so don't pity me and get all schmoopy on me. It'll all work out. It always does. All things work for good. And we're on that track.

We geocached yesterday afternoon. The snow melted and contrary to what the weather said it didn't rain after all. It was a gorgeous day, and we made good use of it. No ticks picked up. Cache found. Life is good.

We're caching tomorrow afternoon with one of Doug's coworkers. She's the ESL teacher in his school district, and he had told her about geocaching a month or so ago. She ran out and bought a GPS, but didn't get mapping software to go with it and was confused because she couldn't figure out how to get from her house to the waypoint. Why is the screen blank? What is going on??? So he took her GPSr (Garmin Etrex) and figured it out pretty fast. We'll use our GPs to show her how it is done (she was kind of frustrated and he doesn't want her to turn negative on it, because it is just so much fun) and he explained to her that the GPs is only part of the gear needed to go. She needs a cable to attach to her PC, she needs mapping software (our cable and software aren't compatible), so she understands more now.

It's fun teaching people stuff.

Here are some foliage pictures (by the way, I printed the un edited copy of the banner today on my new photo printer and it looks astonishing. I'm such a freakin' artist!

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