Thursday, January 23, 2003

girl, boy, girl...


In case you're a friend of the Hydes, or in case you've been paying attention to all the mentions I've given the impending arrival over the last week or so... Wayne called.

Nathan Wayne was born at about 11:20am, 9 lbs 8 oz 22 inches. Yow. Big boy! He joins sisters Mary and Natalie and brother Pete, and friends from all corners. And we welcome him to the party.

Mom and baby are doing well. Dad is giddy and very silly. We laughed a lot. So now there's another cheeky baby to love. I do believe if Doug wants to go this afternoon, we'll go see cheeky baby Nathan and the mommy and daddy, hang a little, and then take Doug to birthday dinner.

Wayne said he's going out after spending some time there with Marcia this afternoon and he's buying his son a present -- a wide screen TV. So he can come home and watch the superbowl. How funny is that.

I'm happy for them -- they have cool kids and they're cool, and life is good. So give thanks and praise! I know I'll have pictures to post here after we go check him out and make sure he's a keeper.

And, it's not just Doug's birthday, but it is Ian J.'s birthday (he's 11), my cousin Mike is (I think) 40 today (wha wha whaaaaaa????) and it is also Annie's birthday. You can go over there, and say hi, and email her birthday wishes if you like. She's had a rough start to the new year, so send her some lovin', would ya?

I posted another mirror project picture. It's the one of me in the light fixture in the kitchen that I posted here a couple days a go.

For someone who doesn't think she's really photogenic, she sure does take a lot of these. That's what you must be thinking.

It isn't that I like to take pictures of me per se, I get a kick out of the concept of the reflected picture and mirror project. It isn't easy to get the angle right, sometimes it's darn near impossible to get in the lens what you want to see. It's fun. I find myself walking around now scoping out mirrored surfaces.

So go check out my latest posting if you like.

What else?

Professor MF and I got accepted to present at an Educause regional conference coming up this March, it's in Worcester. She is now sending applications and proposals all over the country to do conferences... the BIG Educause national conference is in November in Anaheim, and she so wants to go to that. Last night she called me and had me go over a proposal for a Small Comuters in Education conference in Myrtle Beach.

I'd love to go to all these conferences, but hell baby -- how am I going to afford to GET there?

Part of me loves the concept of going to conferences, and planting seeds, meeting faculty and perhaps drumming up some connections and business. But another part of me says it's bull shit and MF should just go on her own and I'll stay here, and we will do a CuSeeMe session to show how it works in real time. But I don't know if she'd be able to set it up on her end and make it work. I'm the one who would have to ... set everything up THERE. So I'd need to be there for such a thing to happen. Life on the conference circuit takes me away from home, too. And that would stink.


I sent out about 20 resumes today. I'm getting sick of this. I've called two temp agencies and neither have gotten back to me. Whatever. I just feel like we're on the verge of being screwed financially and I don't want that to be. So I have to think of something and fast.

But I'm not going to grouse about finances. It's a baby's birthday, and it's a great thing. So I'm going to leave typing here with a big fat smile on my face.

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