Monday, February 17, 2003

Ice Skating, and going to Atlantic City

If you have a TV, or you live in the Northeast Corridor, the Bos-Wash part of the country, you know it's snowing or has recently snowed, or is just about to start snowing... depending on where you are sitting.

We're delaying our departure until tomorrow morning as we're forecasted to get 8-12 inches of snow TODAY, and my parents have a good foot of snow drifting around their sidewalk and backyard, and Atlantic City is getting some sleet right now.

It's just our luck. I hope THIS is the only "bad" luck we have in this whole going to AC process, and that any money related luck is nothing but good.

My sister and I were talking about ice skating.

Geoff wants to go ice skating in the worst way.

I found a rink near here where we can go but have yet to take him. Linda and I were talking about how when we grew up we always went ice skating. My dad worked for the town, and often times it was one of his duties to test the thickness of the ice (by cinderblock and rope as I recall) and he'd take us down to the pond at Mill Dam or Heckscher Park to skate. Linda told me that to her recollection no one has skated at Heckscher in years because it hasn't been cold enough.

But we were reminiscing about how cool it was to skate around the islands and under the stone bridges, ducking down and tucking in so as not to bash our skulls in on the overpass. It was always so much fun.

I think as children we never recall how damn cold it is. It must have been quite cold in order for us to be out there skating on that pond because there's a waterfall at the far end, and the water is always moving underneath.

She told me that the last time she went skating was in high school. She wanted to go very badly and nagged my dad until he took her down to Mill Dam. It was night and she was the only one out there. He sat in the car with the headlights on her, and she went out for a few minutes. She rushed back to the car after hearing some loud cracks out in the distance. My father tried to assure her that it was certainly cold enough for the ice to be ICE and it was cracking and settling the way ice does, way out in the far end of the pond where the ice was always thinner. She was still too scared to go back out even with his reassurances and decided to have him take her home.

I don't see kids skating on ponds anywhere around here, not that I know where skating ponds would be. We've got a great sledding hill, and kids are always over there... but I've yet to find a place where kids skate outdoors.

My sister is planning on taking Geoff to the town ice rink where we used to also skate as kids. When the ponds weren't safe, the ice rink run by the town was the next best thing. So hopefully she can get him over there. He's in need of some serious active fun.

Her plan for Jessica is to take her to a store in the mall where you can build your own teddy bear. Initially I thought Jessica might think this is too babyish, but the more I think of it the more I like the idea. I'm sure she'll be stoked about making her own bear. That's a good auntie for ya, right there.

I've gotten a couple of good email responses on the cell-phone pick up that I wrote about the other day, but I'll wait for other responses before I post opinions. Be sure to email me what you think about it (click the above link to go back and read if you don't know what I'm talking about) and I'll put together a nice comments page on it later.

I guess that's about all to report here. I'm going to trudge down to the basement to move some laundry around that I wasn't going to do until after we got back. But, seeing as we're not going anywhere I may as well make good use of the time. I should clean out the fridge... do some hair farming on my legs (ewww. Too Much Information!), perhaps give my son a bath, definitely do the dishes... I'm actually glad to have this extra day to finish up all the stuff I need to do.

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