Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Email, blogger meetup, photos

Not surprisingly I have loads to do. I'm helping MF on her powerpoint presentation at a tech fair that is being held at the college today. I have some time to kill after that, and then it's over to Cambridge to meet Chaos Factor and mosey over to the No. 1 Fun Boston Blogs meet & greet.

Then home.

Before I leave, I have several hours worth of file conversions to do for cateringman, and updates to his website. Dishes. Laundry. Shower. Maybe iron a skirt. Yadda yadda yadda.

Should prove exciting at the least. A whirlwind tour of housework and the north shore and city. A busy busy day.

I don't have much in the way of content today. And I know I have to get to work. Here are a few pictures I took over the past couple of days... enjoy.

This is the smelly waterfall, referenced in the entry the other day about our walk...
Jessie with the liberated TravelBug from the geocache we dropped in at.

Yesterday I picked Geoff up from school and we had 90 minutes to kill. I figured a nice walk would be fun. We went to Kenoza Lake because it's a nice trail and an easy walk. Not yet this year... the trail is still a sheet of ice and slush.

Top left, my foot went through what looked like solid ground. It was wet leaves with 10 inches of water under. I got a tad muddy. Top right, Geoff is too cute and silly for words as we rest at the Dudley fountain. Left, Geoff is planning a trip to Antarctica to drill for ice core samples. That's what he told me. So Aaron, your trip has made an impression on someone who looks up to you.

Someone from my church called me last night with a lead on a job at her company. It's an HR generalist position, and it's part time, about 13 bucks an hour. Not too shabby. I sent my resume and cover letter to her boss, explaining why I want/need the job NOW. Part time would be nice until the summer and then I totally need something full time.

So cross your fingers. It's an easy commute, I would already have a friend there, and the pay isn't bad. We shall see... I still haven't heard back on the other job that I was supposed to have an interview for last week. I have a sinking suspicion that they don't want me.

One more small thing to share with you... over the past couple weeks I've gotten some very interesting email. Google and yahoo searches are pulling up my site all over the place.

I thought I'd share some of the most recent with you...

1. "Are you a cast member from the real world?"

Um, no. And honestly, who could anyone possibly mistake me for? I don't look like anyone on any of the last 11 years worth of the real world. But thanks for thinking it. I feel so cool now.

2. "Help! I have flying ants in my apartment. What should I do?"

Call an exterminator.

3. "Is this a medical site? I have migraines and my doctor just isn't getting it. What should I do?

Really now darling, the entry where I talk about my migraines includes vulgar language, violent imagery and more vulgar language. Does this sound like a medical site? Get another doctor. One who understands that migraines exist. Get on some meds.

4. "Why you hate Derek Jeter so damn much?"


5. "Can I get the Office Space picture on your website and quote your review?"

Seeing as I creatively appropriated the picture, sure... go ahead. And quote me all you like, baby. My fat headed opinions are yours for the sharing. Just give me credit for my witicisms where credit may be due.

Okay, that's about all I have to offer. Dogs have to be played with. Dishes cry out for some dishsoap. My shoes and pants are still caked in mud from yesterday so I must attend to them. Gotta jet. More later after the Cambridgeport Saloon Bloggers thingy. If you're local, come by. Say hi. Whatever makes you happy

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