Thursday, March 06, 2003

teabag philosophy

Teabag philosophy is getting me very far today. I'm being calm. The normal me would freak out completely over some of the crap I've had to put up with this morning, but, I am one with the teabag. I live by its wisdom.

"To be calm is the highest achievement of the self."

That's what the teabag said.

So far this morning:

Doug went to take the blue Joymobile this morning because I told him I wanted the truck. I'm supposed to go to Salem today, even with my throat feeling like freshly ground hamburger. He found the battery dead. He handed me back the keys, said "Hope you feel better, sicko." And he left.

I understand that he has to go to work. I just felt kind of abandoned, and very overwhelmed. I sat on the bed and cried. That's the first time in a long time I've done something like that. But when you feel like shit and don't like to be left holding the bag in the first place, it can bring you to tears.

I got some coffee and decided to apply the teabag philosophy to this day. Luckily for me I decided to do so right then and there or I may have had a stroke by 10am.

I called the garage up the street. They still haven't called me back. We quit AAA membership a while back, and now I regret it. But that's okay because I'm calm.

Jessica wiped out coming out the door this morning. The girl has decided that she doesn't want to wear her winter boots, she wants to wear her sneakers. I told her that sneaker bottoms don't do well on ice. She told me 'They do just fine!' and then fell down again. Thing is -- she has Doug's saxophone in her hands and the case went flying. Lucky for her it didn't happen out in the street where either her head or the sax would be crushed like a antelope. I gave up looking for the dogs and walked her to the bus. I bitched her out about wearing her sneakers. She hates it when I'm right and she's wrong. But you know something, I was calm about it while I bitched her out and I watched for her at the bus stop. I loved watching her standing in the queue as the bus pulled up. She was first in line, back perfectly erect, eyes front, chin straight out. And I forgot that I was mad at her for being sneaker sassy.

My dogs decided today would be a great day to run away. While I was helping Jessie get up off the ground twice they took off into the deep woods. They were gone for over an hour. I could hear all the neighborhood dogs on the opposite side of the woods barking at them. I was convinced that when they heard the engine of Jessica's bus they'd come running and Jack would chase it and get killed, but they were too far away. I couldn't yell at them to call them home, and I couldn't walk through the woods to go get them, because everything is a sheet of ice. So I went in the house and calmly took a shower. When I got out of the shower, they were sitting on the porch waiting for me. I calmly let them in, put Jack in his kennel, told Kinger he was a bad dog and no one got a cookie the way they do after they come in from outside. I calmly resolve to take them out one by one on the leash until I decide they can behave.

I called and rescheduled my 11am electrolysis appointment to Monday afternoon, and Kay was glad to not have me come in today with strep... I called professor MF, the person I'm supposed to meet in Salem today, and we discussed meeting by phone. She was very cool about it. Normally she'd be in freak-out and panic mode, but she doesn't want what I have anymore than I want her to catch it.

We're doing this presentation at a conference on March 18th, and just a couple days ago it seemed like a million days away. We rescheduled to meet on Tuesday at her house where we can finish our presentation 100%, download portions of the html and pictures from the class and burn everything to a CD so we can run it at the presentation without need for internet access. It'll make it run much faster...

So that left the car and how I was going to get Geoff to school.

My tenant came home from work and loaned me her car. She had about .2 ounces of gas left in the tank, so I had 8 bucks in my pocket and bought her some gas. She's asleep right now, so she won't know until she goes to leave for work at 1pm. She's always so cool about letting me use her car when I have car problems, and I wanted to thank her. I was going to stop and buy her some candy, but I figured the practicality of a nearly full tank of gas (she has a tiny little Toyota with a 10 gallon tank, so eight bucks goes a long way) would be better appreciated.

So. Calmly, everything except jump starting the car has been taken care of. And I'm felling pretty good about myself.

Wouldn't it be amazing if a world religion could just be found and grown upon teabag tags? I'm not saying I'm pitching Christianity for teabag tags, or I'm like Homer Simpson with fortune cookies ("Oh, the cookie never lies!") I'm just saying that little gems of wisdom printed on a tag someplace can change the way you feel once in a while, even if you know you're goofing on it.

Watch, my next cup of tea will say something like "Freaking out and beating someone to a bloody pulp can make you feel really good inside."

Speaking of feeling really good inside, my strep is being combated by the wonderful amoxicillin pills that I got prescribed to me.

I took two right when I got the prescription filled, because you're supposed to take three a day, and it was already 1pm... so I wanted to get two in for that far into the day. My second (third) dose was at 9pm. This morning I could swallow when I woke up. I took another pill and some Ibuprofen.

I was able to sleep deeply and comfortably last night, which was great because the night before was just a train wreck. I feel I'm quickly on the mend and that by this time tomorrow I'll be a whole new gal.

Talked to Aaron today, glad I'm feeling better because I couldn't talk at all yesterday (seriously -- Amoxicillin is the greatest thing EVER. 24 hours and I feel like a couple thousand bucks. Not quite a million, but better than the 45 cents I felt like yesterday. 45 cents on the floor of a Texas honkytonk with sawdust, beer and puke thrown on it... ). We're devising plans for a St. Patty's day WEEKEND festival. We didn't get to do it last year, even though we bought funny assed foam hats and everything.

So we could be seeing the intrepid world traverser and ice cold water swimmer and his lovely bride in less than 2 weeks. Wooo!

Alright -- I am out of here. I made a gorgeous chicken salad with almonds (mmmmmmmm. so goooooood) and it is calling my name. I'm going to go eat some solid food. Talk to you later.

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