Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Just when I'm getting used to the idea...

So I pick out a house online in Sugar Hill NH that I want to live in for the rest of my life. I email it to Doug.

Mind you, the other day he had a phone interview with a health care company that would have him driving all over the state of Massachusetts and NH doing testing stuff on old folks in hospitals and nursing homes. The pay is really sweet, and he'd be pretty much in charge of making his own hours.

He emails me back, after I spend the afternoon salivating over this NH house, and I'm mentally driving the kids down the hill to the elementary and junior high schools, and I'm looking for a job in Littleton... and he says, pretty much, nuts to movin' I'm interested in this other job I interviewed for.

Right as I've got myself pretty comfortable with the concept of leaving here. Right when I have someone who maybe would be perfect for buying our crummy house. Right when I'm starting to get happy and giddy.

So he's going to schedule an interview with this health care company. And he'll probably get the job. And then we'll have to figure out something to do with the kids for the summer, but he'll be making good money and our finance woes will be no longer an issue, but, we'll not be living within eyeshot of Canon Mountain and the presidential range.

Oh well.

See, it's all still way high up in the air. I'm not looking to get excited or enthused or remotely interested in anything until the man himself says "Okay kids, start packing" or "honey, can you find a sitter for every day this summer so we both can work now?"

Such is life, no?

Oh. And by the way... when did Jimmy Kimmel leave his wife for Sarah Silverman???

I heard her on Howard Stern yesterday morning talking on and on and on about her boyfriend, and at the end of the interview (I tuned in late) I'm shocked to hear that the new boyfriend is the Man Show's Mr. Kimmel!

For those of you unfamiliar with The Man Show, it is basically Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel and a bunch of half naked women jumping on trampolines. And they do a series of really dirty, sometimes painfully funny, sometimes unbelievably WRONG guy related things.

I'm not a regular viewer mind you, but I have watched, and if you are a guy, hetero, horny, homophobic, like beer and poon and porn, this is the show for you. Well, even if you aren't a guy, hetero, horny, homophobic etc... you may find some of the content amusing.

Jimmy used to be the "host" on Win Ben Stein's Money, and I guess at one point in life was on the radio. He has grown in popularity steadily over the past few years, I think that Ben Stein's show got him a lot of noteriety. So he hooks up with Adam Carolla, whom I love when he's with that dishy Dr. Drew on Loveline, and they do this Man Show thing. They also do another very wrong (and sometimes very funny but it gets rather repetitive and predictable) show called Crank Yankers. Puppets on acid.

And he has his own talkshow on ABC.

Anyway -- some of the stuff he does on The Man Show would qualify him immediately for having his wife walk the hell out on his ass. I wonder if that finally happened, or, if he just got hooked up with Sarah Silverman because she does some of the crank calls on Crank Yankers. And then they fell madly in love.

Needless to say, Jimmy's private life is ... well, his. But it looks like he's gone the same route as Howard Stern. Ditching the wife of umpteen thousand years, or getting ditched by her once she's had it.

All for the sake of some tittie jokes and beer. Oh well.

Anyway -- I don't find Sarah Silverman that funny, but was quite amused to find out her sister Laura is also a comedian and did the voice of the receptionist on Dr. Katz... which was one of my favorite shows. In squiggle vision. Just another useless piece of crap tidbit for you to file under "may never need this but what the hell, let's take up some memory space" in your head.

What else can I blather about. Well, that's pretty much it. I will keep the universe posted on what we end up doing for housing/work/life, but in short it looks like we will be staying put. And while I am happy to have a job, God... I'm so bored.

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