Friday, May 23, 2003

Lunch with the guys....

Doug said his interview yesterday went very well. I think he'll get the job, which means big money for our family but an all summer long conundrum for what to do with Jessica.

We haven't signed her up for camp, we don't have any full-time free to do nothing but hang out with her friends who can watch her. Geoff can go to the day care at his school all summer. So far, we only have one week figured out, and that's the week Doug will have to go for training in Florida. He'll drive Jessie out to his parents and spend a couple days with the family, and then fly from there to Florida and back.

Geoff and I will rock the suburbs out here.

My mom usually comes up for a week in the summer, so that covers another week. I'm going to look into day camps, see if I can't get her signed up somewhere. If Doug will be making good money, then the expense of sending her somewhere for a couple straight weeks that is local and convenient to me to pick her up won't be too bad.

We went out last night to dinner in Haverhill, to our favorite Mexican joint, Pedro Diego's. It was yummy and the sangria refreshing. Last time we were there, or the second to last time I forget ... we were with Aaron and Michelle and had WAAAAY too much of said sangria. It was messy.

Anyway -- last night we were celebrating Doug's complete confidence that he'll get offered the job. Not too premature, I hope, but both of us feel pretty good about the chances of them extending an offer. He got another call today from a school district in southern NH, right across the border, so I hope he'll follow up on that one just in case this other job doesn't pan out the way we feel so sure it will.

Better safe than stuck.

Today is my weekly Baby Ben day... I got to take him with me when I took Geoff to the doctor for a follow up x-ray.

Baby Ben was well behaved, but the appointment was smack dab in the middle of his naptime, so he held up as well as he could. He ended up taking a monster nap from noon to 2:30 as a result of our going out and about.

I forgot to bring the first x-ray film with me from Geoff's original x-ray last week, so they had nothing to compare this picture with (duh? adoy? pfth! Stooopid) but the doctor remembered what it originally looked like.

It looks worse.

The bone has moved "about 10 degrees," according to the doctor, but that's "not to worry." He said it most certainly is not a green stick break.

So that made me drop my jaw... he said that the 10 degree move is not a problem because of his age and the fact that "biology is on his side." He said if it were my arm, it'd be a problem. But on a little kid like G-love, this kind of thing mends. He'll have a bump in his arm for about three months, and then it will all even out. According to Doctor Fixabone, the break is above the "growth plate" and when he grows the arm and bone will grow just fine, mom shouldn't fret and worry.

He wants him back in 3 weeks, and they'll x-ray him one more time to make sure the fusing is happening and he's good to go. Doctor Fixabone is pretty confident the cast will be off in three weeks when we return.

So that was good to hear. He reassured me and helped me pick my jaw up off the floor and reattach it. Good thing I was at an orthopedist's office, eh?

Hanging out at Baby Ben's means lunch with the guys.

Ben, Brian, Dan always, and sometimes Peg and Rupa too. I'm using their real names, I know they don't care.

State employee Friday before a holiday long assed lunch. 2 hours really. We played a wicked cutthroat game of UNO, the kind with the 30th anniversary card where you can give your whole hand to someone else and keep one card for uno, and effectively get out of the game the next turn, unless the other person you gave all your cards to has the same card and opts to screw you.

I don't do well at UNO when I'm playing with the guys. They pretty much play like it's poker, they remember what move you made five go arounds ago, and then if someone goes out, they'll say "You shoulda played that blue five you got when we did the anniversary hands, then he wouldn't have been able to play that skip and I could have reversed and..."

Brian especially does this. And in short, my goal at uno is to get all the high numbered cards out of my hand so I don't get thoroughly screwed when someone else goes out on a wild card, or draw fours me on their last turn.

The second to last hand got especially hairy. I gave all my cards to Dan on an anniversary swap, after he repeatedly hit me with skips, draw twos and wild draw fours, the bastard. He was seated to my right. I retained a blue card, because all the other colors in the hand I'd given him had either a draw two, a skip, or a reverse... but not the blues. So Dan figures it out that I've got blue or a wild card. They're smart that way, these guys.

It's Ben's turn, he's to Dan's right. He plays a wild draw four, and I hear "blue" spoken out loud. Dan draws his four, and I bitchslap my fat blue eight onto the pile. Huzzah! I won a hand.

Everyone yells. They all yell no! Ben called it as green. Ben called green, but I didn't hear him -- Brian said blue. Brian GOT it... and knew that if Ben called blue, I'd go out and Dan would get stuck with 1000 points or something horrific like that.

So now they know I have the blue eight, and now I have to pick up cards. And pick and pick and pick until I get a flerkin' green card. I got lucky on that hand, in the end I got out with a red five as I managed to get down to uno again.

But I wanted to kick Ben.

I'm not playing uno with these guys anymore. They make me mental. And I'm not playing pictionary with them any more either... Brian cheats.

It was good to see Rupa and Peg for lunch too. Baby Ben enjoyed playing on the floor next to Geoff, and Geoff enjoyed playing banjo kazooie on the nintendo 64. he prefers the n64 games to the game cube. I'm not sure why.

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