Wednesday, May 28, 2003

New Everything

Doug called me at work to let me know he got the job. Huzzah. Just in time. Now... off to the fridge store for a new fridge.

His salary will be bigger, much bigger, than what the public schools give him these days. So our unexpected cost of buying a new fridge falls on a good day. We can afford it now. We went out to the local across the border in New Hampshire appliance joint that we go to and picked ourselves out a phat Amana fridge, with the freezer in the bottom and wicked cool stuff up top. We opted out on the ice maker and filtered water dispenser for two reasons:

1. Geoff will play with them all damn day and make a sick mess.
2. We'd have to call a plumber and get him to run a line over to the other side of the kitchen to run the stupid thing, and to be honest, I can't be arsed. Who cares. Open the fridge and crack open an ice tray. You want crushed ice? Here's the meat mallet. Make sure you wash it first.

We saw this unbelievably cool retro bitchin' totally like a big fat Chevy fridge -- designed with the style of the 50s and the efficiency of the 21st century in mind.

I so wanted it. It was Wild Cherry Red. Like a whore's lipstick. Like a Coke advertisement. Like I'd need more chrome and a cool black and white checked tile floor in my kitchen. I'd be June Fucking Clever with this thing in my house. And I'd be the coolest EVER. People would come in and say "Shit! Your fridge is so damn RED and cool!!!!" Who do you know in the universe who has a farkin' cherry RED bitchin cool fridge in their house? No one. Absolutely NO ONE, damn it! I so wanted it.

Doug couldn't be convinced.

So while my dreams of a completely renovated kitchen and a red hot chili pepper/Brian Setzer ripping guitar riff fridge may not happen, I'll soon have delivered to my home a cool enough fridge. And ya know? God bless America that I can just walk out the door this evening, go to the store, and pick the one out that suits our needs.

It gets delivered and installed next Thursday... We'll have to cut some drywall out, the fridges there that were the right size for the opening just didn't cut the mustard for us. Doug's vision was the entire roast turkey for Thanksgiving, with a watermelon and a 12 pack in there. And the 30 inch fridges just couldn't do it for us. Plus, he wanted the fridge on top option, with the freezer down bottom.

It rocks. Of course, I'll take pictures of the ebony ice behemoth as soon as it's purring like a kitty.

And before you wonder why the hell we got black, our stove is black. And Geoff's grubby handprints won't show nearly as bad on the front of the damn thing as they would on white or "bisque," which is nouveau for "almond."

I saw no avocado fridges in stock. Major bummer.

Work today was really cool. My boss and coworker and I are getting along great. Unlike my sister and her boss, who are screaming in each others faces. That sucks.

I hate boss/employee strife. Especially when it turns to screaming. I've been in interesting arguments with bosses, and I've stepped into fights and have broken them up before violence ensues... so being where I am vocationally right now is good.

We had a good laugh or ten today, and when I told them Doug got the job he wanted, they were honestly and truly happy for us. Not just a "hey, that's ... nice!" insincere thing. I also told them that if he didn't get this offer, it would have come down to us probably leaving the area, and they were extra happy because they'll get to keep me.

Now we have to plan on what to do with Jessie for the summer. I've contacted a local 4H day camp, and they have an overnight residential program too, so if she wanted to go to sleep over camp, it'd be in the same town where I'm working! How cool is that??? Instead of shipping her off to the Berkshires or something, I can beep when I drive by!

It is 9pm, and no monkey reference. I'm afraid that this may be the end of the run, unless I go sit down right now and watch the Britcoms with Doug and they make one.

All I know is I'm going to sleep well tonight. Barring any wild animal ruckus. Doug baked a pie. I'm going to go have some. Mmmmmmm. Pie.

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