Friday, December 05, 2003

Holiday party success, or "I told you so, bitch."

How pathetic am I to come right home after running my corporate function to jump ass right into my journal and edit/write an entry.

Yeah, blog addiction. It's certifiable.

Anyway -- I'm not shitfaced. 10 more minutes and 2 more drinks and I'd be saying "uh, yeah. I'm shitfaced." but I'm not and I'm home.

Highlights of the evening --

-- having every single attendee approach me and tell me it was the Best Party Ever.

-- The two cambodian girls who work in the production area of the plant, the only 2 who came, had a great time. One of them got up and sang a song a capella for us and blew us all away.

-- Knowing my boss knows my inner rock star is something to be reckoned with -- priceless.

I'm incredibly exhausted.

The morning didn't go well. There was a ton of stuff to do and then at noon the BNL website/ticket office was out of commission and I couldn't get through on the phone to buy tickets for the March 2nd show, so I was a fucking BASKET CASE for an hour until I finally got my ass through on phone. I was freaking OUT! but it all worked out and no one bothered me during that period between noon and 1. Good thing too or they may have died.

One of my co-workers, a delightfully wonderful woman, found out some very very grim news about her mother in the middle of the day and actually pulled out of attending the party. She ended up coming to the party because her mother insisted she come -- and we all had a shitload of fun. And she danced. And she NEVER dances at these things. And she told me it was all because I threw the party and it MADE her dance. We hugged and danced and she cried.

I'm not sure what Monday will be like at work, but. Tonight was good for her and for many. And for me.

Doug got to come to the party and I think he got to see how hard I work.

A was delightful, wonderful and lovely.

A's husband is delightful, wonderful and lovely.

I got to know someone I hardly know, and found him to be funny and entertaining instead of the ogre and ass everyone makes him out to be. How cool is that.

The party is over.

And I'm so relived.

Thanks to everyone who has been pulling for me, sending me mojo, praying for me, letting me know that it's all going to be okay. There's a reason why I keep this journal. It's to keep me connected to some sort of nebulous entity out there -- the overall huge network of friends and acquaintances who take a minute to let me know that all will be okay and that "it is what it is" and I can then deal once I have things in perspective. Each of you who have sent me a funnyassed email, or a note of support -- each of you are little stars in my sky and I adore you.

As I mentioned -- I finally got through to the BNL hotline and bought my tickets to Manchester NH, and my party kicked ass.

I'll sleep well tonight knowing a job well done was indeed well done.

Right then -- for those of you amongst me facing the class 3 death storm, you know how funny I find it when the media blows everything out of proportion. Suffice to say - I have milk and bread and a strategy to prevent my neighbors from invading my home to steal said milk and bread once the storm grips us in death.

I hope you have enough milk and bread. G'dnight!

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