Thursday, February 12, 2004

Prayers requested

"I drop this copper on the ground
and if you're down, you might pick it up.
To coin a phrase, this is my way of praying
that all through the day you'll have good luck."
-Jon Svetkey

There isn't often a time I turn to my greater readership (all five of you) and ask you to pray for anything.

It is kind of awkward. The thing about cyberspace is many of us read each other, and have little or nothing in common in the greater scheme of things.

Many of you aren't with a particular faith system. Many of you are of some faith or other, kind of borderline agnostic, but think there is some something out there. Others, well you're like me and have a church or some sort of semi-structured faith & fellowship that you ride with. If you don't pray, send mojo. But here's the double request I am making right now.

Nathaniel -- We go to church and school with a family here, and their oldest child, a middle schooler, suddenly came down with a fever over the weekend. It spiked to about 105 degrees, and his parents rushed him to the emergency room, and the emergency room threw him in an ambulance and sent him to Boston. He's got viral meningitis. Which is pretty serious but has a run of 7-10 days, and with a normal immune system folks usually rebound. He's not doing super well, and add to that the fact that his grandfather died on Thursday of last week (dad's dad) the family unit could really use a lifting.

And always, I have a tendency to play "it could be worse" in situations like this. And yes, it could be.

But still -- Send. Mojo.

Gregg and Karry -- I've written here a bit about Gregg and Karry before. He's a friend from college who battled cancer while we were students. She was in our wedding party in 1991. We took his son geocaching and there are pictures here in the site someplace of him being "Eagle Eye Ian" in Gloucester and Rockport. We saw Bruce Cockburn and a hippie's back or three together with Tess this summer in Newburyport.

Gregg works for a software company, and the software company has several military contracts. So, Gregg is getting sent to Iraq. He'll be training and doing support for the software over in the actual theatre of operations.

He's thrilled and excited at the opportunity, and scared out of his mind. He and his lovely wife are both folks with deep and abiding faith, but there isn't any sort of evangelical knowitallism "Oh, everything will be lovely and perfect and as the Lord wishes" in either of their voices. They're both incredibly realistic. Gregg is totally aware of the dangers he is going to face, and Karry -- she's a homeschoolin' mom with two kids and a household to hold together for up to two months while he's away.

I know a lot of you out there know military families or are military yourself. You're probably saying "Two months! Pfthth! That's NOTHIN!" but to a family that didn't expect/anticipate such a big event as this, well -- this is big. When you take a job with a company, three years down the road you don't expect you'll be shipped off to a warzone to show the soldiers how to work the communications software, do you? Nah.

So. Again. Send Mojo.

Right then -- I'll keep you posted if you are looking for updates. Email me and let me know. And while you're at it -- if you need mojo? Email me too. I'll add you to my list. There are many of you I pray for frequently, without your knowing it I guess. I read your journals and say "mojo needed." So if you're wanting to have some extra, just lemme know. M'kay?

Rice is needing to be removed from the oven. More later. I got glasses and I should take a picture so you can all laugh at me. Ha ha !

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