Saturday, August 07, 2004

Rick James, Bitch.


Rick James died. We're fans of the Dave Chappelle Show, and I enjoy the Charlie Murphy/Rick James stuff that Chappelle does.

I wonder when he films his new season now that he's signed the 50 bazillion dolla contract if he'll do a nice homage to Rick James... a man whose career has seen highs (figuratively and literally) and lows.

Rick James, Bitch! DAMN!

In honor of him, I give you a download from the official Chappelle Show website at Comedy Central. Here's an AIM buddy icon of Rick James. Just for you.


Finished the class yesterday. I loved every blessed minute of it. The students did a fabulous job on their powerpoint presentations and their webpages. They really impressed me with what they were able to pull together, and I would give them all A's. I know CM will be more critical. He is "Simon" to my "Paula Abdul" if you get the reference. He's not brutal, but he will look at their content and rip it to shreds over pedagogical goals and content.

I am just proud of them.

And I wish every week was this good.

Which leads me to think I need to be doing something better with my time and my life. I have decided to enroll in the Masters of Education, Technology in Ed. Program at Salem State College and get my M.Ed. and get into a school system so I can focus on working with people like these students. And perhaps even get to be a faculty person in the capacity where I would teach this class across the curriculum. The students in this class were all M. Ed. History Grad students, and each academic department with an M. Ed. focus needs this class, English, Art, Science...

and I should be the person teaching it. With a faculty member in the discipline.

I feel like they walked away with so much.

This particular week of class is an "Institute" week, where a full semester's worth of class is crammed into a week and you get the same amount of credits. CM told me it is criminal what passes for classes in these institutes. People will meet like three times, discuss a book they read, and then go home and get an A and 3 graduate credits. He said that our class is probably the hardest class ever. I know I've had students tell me that they've taken classes with him and those classes have almost ended their academic careers due to the amount of work and how hard they are. So the students this past week got a lot more than the average bear, erm, student, at the school.

Wish me luck. I'm not sure how we'll afford this. I know we can defer Doug's student loans while we send me, but I have to talk to Financial Aid and see if there is any chance they can give me assistance.

Well, Geoff wants me to come pitch the ball to him so he can hit it, so I will go do that. Doug and I are going to a wedding tonight, so it's a busy day here... more later!

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