Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fools Day

I got to speak with Bonnie for quite some time last night. The hospital operated on her dad and installed an LVAD heart pump to keep the ole ticker working for the time being. Bonnie said his coloring is 1000 times better. She was used to him being... grey.

He still needs a transplant. But. To quote the "dead" man in Monty Python and the Holy Grail: "I'm not dead yet. As a matter of fact, I feel better!" The statistics for heart transplants are pretty grim, this hospital only does 10 to 15 a year... and I'm sure there are thousands who die waiting.

This whole week, with the Terri right to die thing and Walt getting a second chance -- all these things have given me time to pause and ponder. I'm glad to have Walt around for a while yet, so my cold can clear up and I can go into the dreaded city and smack him and say "Knock it off! Quit Almost Dyin' on us Pops!" It's nice to know that sometimes there are second (third, fourth) chances. I wonder where God is sometimes, when a little girl has to make a 911 call because she finds her parents shot dead in their bedroom; where God is when Asia continues to be rocked by earthquakes; where God is while people on two sides of an issue are using His Will as their own.

God is quiet in all of this sometimes. Ultimately, I know there is a plan for each of us -- and sometimes one doesn't know what the will of God is. It remains mysterious, locked and hidden from our eyes. Sometimes it is evident for a moment -- that we continue to have someone in our lives when they could be dead. So things can be said, hugs can be shared, waterworks can flow. Take everything as an opportunity. Exercise your will to choose, live, lead, help and love while knowing your path is guided, and ultimately, His will is done.

I was going to write this morning about the stupid truck driver who ruined my afternoon on I-95 yesterday afternoon, but bitching and ranting about it wouldn't do me any good.

I was going to start with "Dear selfish jerk. Thank you for ruining my day..." but my day wasn't ruined. It was temporarily soured. I survived, I got home, we grilled. I watched Invasion Iowa and South Park (oh my GOD, don't get me started on last night's South Park just yet. Did you SEE that!!!), and crashed. Like a truck on I-95. I'm off to work now. Have a good day.

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