Monday, April 04, 2005

Early Morning, April Fourth...

This entry might piss some folks off. But. I remind you -- this is my journal. If you agree or disagree, feel free to use the comments to the left. I encourage discourse. Longtime readers will know that I profess Christianity, love the Lord, have this "personal" relationship with God... but I don't like the policies of the Catholic Church. I'm not Catholic, and the fact I have issues with Catholicism is often shrugged off by friends who ARE Catholic as something I don't have a right to have. Because I'm not one of them, I'm somehow not entitled to have an opinion about certain things. I've been told this repeatedly by regular readers and casual stoppers by.

"You just don't understand what it is like... You need to lay off us, it's not any of your business what we do."

But it is my business, and it is everyone's business when there seems to be this huge... hypocrisy surrounding the faith.

I especially take umbrage with American Catholics who complain about the policies of the Catholic Church in the World and its stance on abortion, homosexuality, sex before marriage and the like.

They demand that the Catholic Church change its stance on many issues near and dear to them. The want the Church to bend to their progressive beliefs, their "modern" beliefs.

I tell them, these friends who claim Catholicism but don't do ANY of the things required of them by their faith, these friends who fuck before their wedding or who eat meat on Friday or who get abortions or want priests to get married of have women priests, that instead of bitching about the Church policies that they find another church that fits their philosophies.

You're not Catholic. Face it. Instead of demanding the Church itself change to fit your needs and wants, opinions and philosophies, find one that fits you better. Perhaps you are Episcopalian. Perhaps you should take an online "Which Religion is Right For You?" quiz(*). Find a new shoe that fits, Cinderella. Let the faith of your choosing be your Prince Charming.

The Pope, the Holy Father, in my opinion was a good man. A conservative man. A flawed, human man. Not some actual diety, but a man who tried incredibly hard to do good works in the world, and in my opinion fell short in a few places. But. Overall, I think he did a great job at being Pope Guy. From incredibly humble beginnings, from poverty and from communism, he came forward and helped change the landscape of an entire portion of the globe.

He was a man dedicated to the support and stability of his philosophies and his Church's staunch conservative roots. He was unwavering and uncompromising in what he believed as Right (with a capital R).

He also was a man who gave refuge and sanctuary to Bernard Cardinal Law, saving him from the ravages of what the Boston Area Faithful and Not So Faithful would have done to him had he been left out to face our legal system for the things he allowed to happen to young boys over the past several decades.

On the whole, I always admired Pope John Paul for who he was and where he came from, overlooking some major differences in opinion he and I may have had. To be honest, my Catholic friends are right that I don't have a right or a claim to anything in regards to the Catholic church and its policies in the world. I am a neighbor though, and am encouraged to Love My Neighbor, even if they put bathtubs in their yards with Mary statues in them. Which I just think is plain gaudy.

About one fifth of this planet subscribes to the philosophies of the Catholic Church. I trust my American Catholic Neighbors are looking forward to a Pope who will fall in line with their progressive beliefs. To them, I say -- do not be surprised if you get someone as conservative and hard-line as John Paul over there. And if you don't like it, Unitarianism is really friendly, nice, and all embracing. You'll be welcome there. Find something that makes you happy, brings you joy, and connects you to the divine. As America goes, the rest of the planet does not necessarily follow suit. Keep that in mind.

Time to mutter, you know. Sundays. or Mondays as this may be the case. I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Renewal:: Spiritual
2. Someone to talk to:: Best Friend
3. Count:: of Monte Cristo
4. Expiration:: Registration
5. Upload:: Webpage
6. Publish:: Webpage
7. Holy:: See
8. Change in the air:: Springtime
9. Titillating:: Tease
10. Glorious:: Sunshine

I'm so boring. And unlike Mikey, there are no mentions of boobies.

Seeing as my life lately has been filled with William Shatner, I thought I'd share my ketchup label with you.

I had to laugh when I saw it, and had to buy it.

Just thought you should know.

I don't know if it tastes any more amazing or incredible from having this Kirk endorsement on it. But it does make me laugh.

Saturday it rained harder than I've seen it rain in ... months. But Praises Be, it wasn't snow. I don't know what I would have done if it had been cold enough to sustain snow. They were saying we were to get about five inches of rain, in reality it was less than 3.

We were cooped up inside for the whole day on Saturday, and so when we turned the clocks ahead on Sunday we were especially cranky and aware of the painful cabin fever that was gripping each of our souls. We set out for Geocaching in Ipswich, and wouldn't you know it that the trails were flooded and it was messy and the dogs gut mucky and wet. And it was glorious.

It was warm enough to shed the winter coats, warm enough to sit out at a bench at one cache and really enjoy the view of the marshes and the sun breaking through the sky.

It feels like spring is here. Finally. Next, we'll get ticks when we hike. Then I'll be wishing for the cold again!

My ride home tonight was spectacular. The first Monday after Daylight Savings is always astounding. I'm aware that if I want to, I can go for a nice walk after work, in an area other than my neighborhood. There will be enough light to get me over to the woods or the park or the state forest, and enough to be with me while I walk. It is so refreshing and delightful. I feel my heart sing.

This is the day that I'm aware that summer is coming. And again, the singing heart thing happens. Oh Frabjous Day! I worked exceptionally late this afternoon, leaving the office at 6:30. And it was still light outside. Normally, I would be leaving before 5. But. This late, and this light, and ... oh singing heart.

It makes up for the fact that I so couldn't drag my ass out of bed this morning because of the effects of the hour change. This whole week takes me a while to get used to, and I hate it.

But I love the commute home. Love it.

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