Saturday, April 09, 2005

Somewhere Beyond the Sea

We just watched "Finding Nemo" for the one millionth time, and I still love it. It's fabulous. I can watch it a million times. My daughter's friend is a huge Ewan MacGregor fan, and the movie "A Life Less Ordinary" includes the same Bobby Darin song that closes out the credits for "Nemo."

So we just watched the credits eleven times, and the girls both know all the words to the entire song, and the musical stops, and ... everything.

It's pretty funny. But now it's stuck in my head.

Last night was a ton of fun. We met Carrie a little later than I initially intended because traffic heading north to get the girls was horrid. I really hate I-95 from Peabody to Georgetown. It is all torn up, a total disaster. And the speed limit is posted at 45, which is retarded. It's like driving on a dirt road, but is even and smooth enough that you don't have to go slowly.

The cops patrol it hardcore -- pulling people over left and right. So when I look down and I find myself doing 90... I do the mental math on what it's going to cost me when they bust my ass. And I slow down. And it takes forever to get anywhere.

We had dinner at Joe's, and then went over to get our toes done. It was lovely and relaxing. The girl who did my toes wasn't nearly as nice and friendly as the last girl who did it. And she went very fast... no long soaks in the blue foamy water. She was all business and all done in no time.

I felt... like I had been shorted.

While we were there, a girl came in to get a manicure and pedicure.

She was obviously a regular, and kept a jovial and teasing tone going on with the young men and women working there. She was loud, had huge fake boobies, a spray on tan and this annoying Fran Drescher like laugh. You know the type. You've seen her.

She was young, but looked totally used, spent... worked over by life. She was funny, she seemed nice, she liked that she drew attention from the other people (like us) in the salon. She made eye contact with each of us as she ribbed the guys about auditioning for American Idol, and laughed and beamed like she'd just killed on the stand up comedy circuit with her well crafted comedic lines.

She had this shopworn quality to her that made me kind of sad.

There were a ton of people in the mall that all looked exactly the same. Girls wearing the exact same kinds of pants and shirts. Lots of Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle Outfitter clothing and "I'm growing my hair and deliberately styling it so I look like I just got out of bed" appearances on the boys.

I hate malls. I like shopping... but I always feel sad when I look at all these people who buy their identities. All in the same store. All at the same price when it's on sale.

My daughter and her friend aren't anything like the other kids we saw in the mall last night, and I want it to stay that way. I know for a fact Jessica couldn't buy her clothes at A&F or AE, they don't make her size. Same with her friend. They liked walking around and looking at "shiny things." This is some sort of running inside joke with the two of them. Jessica likes acting the retard and staring at shiny things with this look of utter fascination and bemusement on her face, while her friend pretends to drag her away. They cracked me up.

We came home and watched Moulin Rouge (again, see the Ewan MacGregor addiction mentioned above). I went to bed at about 1am, the girls stayed up -- I have no idea when they finally went to sleep.

At 10:30 the phone rang. Woke us all up. No one left a message. It was God's alarm clock, letting us know not to burn the day. I hooked the dogs up with some outdoor peeing action, put on some laundry and Geoff and Doug showed up. I was surprised to see them home so early, but Doug was tired and wanted to just get home. I guess it was an arduous drive down there, and he slept okay but not wonderfully. So he's crashed out and napping.

I think I'm going to take Geoff up to Sam's Club and see if we can get some plants for the garden... get that started and in the ground before we go away on vacation. I need to seed some sunflowers and get them growing before we go. Arrange for someone to water things while we're out of town.

The fact that we are going to be in the truck for our drive in 1 week really boggles the mind right now. It looks more and more like Aaron will be joining us by himself... so I'm psyched to have his company and have him along. I wish they'd both join us but it looks as if this is just going to work out for him solo.

Tomorrow I think we're going geocaching with Michael. Doug looked up some good spots for us to meet at in the Lowell area, so it'll be fun. Looking forward to it already. And then, in a week we will geocache in North Carolina.

Boggles my mind, honestly.

Alright -- the girls are nagging me, saying they want to go to the friend's house. And it's on the way to Sam's so I'll take them there. Get my plantings on. Til the Earth. Stuff like that.

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