Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I live on the corner of Gray Street and the End of the World

It's cloudy and grey again. It's raw and cold. I just took the dogs out at 6:45, and I just cannot believe we've got another day of this and the forecast of continued crap weather continues for most of the full week.

It is crushing my soul. It really is.

Yesterday Doug wanted to go hiking. I backed out. He took Geoff and the little dog and they did a 3 mile hike in Andover, and it didn't rain on them. I went to the grocery store, and the sky opened up on me in the parking lot as I was putting the groceries into the vehicle.

Geoff's Spongebob pants are too bright and yellow for me this morning. My eyes are going to bleed if I have to look at them again.

I'm not feeling the love for the prospect of camping this weekend, and I know if I say that to Doug he'll freak out. He so wants to go. But I really cannot fathom getting everything and everyone ready. And the prospect of possible rain will just simply take my psyche and grind it into the ashtray of life.

Oh, woe is me.

We're all up early this morning. Jess left for the bus, Geoff is eating breakfast and playing video games. Doug's in the shower.

I'm not sure how I did it today. Normally I'd be forcing myself out of bed at 7:30 on a day like this, but I managed to get up. I think the overwhelming need to pee did it for me, and then Jessica telling me that she may have left her MP3 player in her jeans pocket, which is sitting in the washing machine right now waiting to go into the dryer... that pissed me off enough to get the blood running and keep me from getting back into bed after going to the bathroom.

I cannot believe that kid.

So I took the dogs out. Jack did step on my flowers and did crush them... which leads me to believe that it is pointless of me to even try and do anything further because what little joy I attempt will simply be stomped on by something larger and furrier than me.

I am a gloomy little cuss this morning, aren't I?

I'm thinking I may deliberately redo the month's layout to something bright and eye-piercingly happy and springy just to see if that helps. I mean, this layout is as grey as anything... and perhaps continuing to spend time cultivating it could be a contributing factor to my ongoing Meh-ness. But, I somehow doubt it. It's the fault of the sky. And that 10 day forecast there. Holy crap that's grim.

Anyway -- I'm going to get showered and be ready on time this morning. And go look in the washer and dryer for an MP3 player. I wonder if that's covered under warranty? I bought an extended warranty for her because I was sure she'd drop it. Never thought she'd leave it in her pants. And unlike my mom, I have an anti-pocket cleaning philosphy. If you leave it in your pockets, it's your own damn fault. Money? It's mine when it comes out in the dryer lint filter. Notes from your friends? You get yelled at when all the laundry is covered by a billion little papery bits. MP3 player? I don't even know the consequence of that one. But it may entail some screaming later today. By me. At her.

I live on the corner of Grey Street. And the end of my sanity...

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