Sunday, May 08, 2005

The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

I cannot tell you how sick I am of the grey. The rain. The wind. All week long, the weather was improving. And like getting one F in a sea of Bs and As, the average was sucked right down for me yesterday, and made even worse cumulative average for the week and has successfully bummed me out. Our weather report says that out to central and western MA the skies will clear... I think a drive out to that region for some caching will be in order.

Last night I decided to make buffalo wings for myself, seeing as no one was going to deliver them to me or go out and get them (thanks for the offer Mikey, that was really kind!) I cooked fewer wings per batch, and an hour later they still weren't crisp enough for my liking... I was disappointed and slightly heart broken.


We'll see what today has in store for me. Seeing as it's Mother's Day I feel the American right to demand someone go get them for me and treat me like the goddess I am. So there.

Doug rented some movies last night. He got Shaun of the Dead, which we didn't get to and probably will watch tonight. We did watch The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, which was funny and campy, but nowhere near as funny as we think the actors and writer themselves think it is... based on their behind the scenes interviews (gotta love special features on the DVD).

I would highly recommend it if you like B-movies from 1959 and love to Mystery Science Theatre comment on them. Be sure to watch the special features first so you get an idea of what was going on inside their heads as they made the movie.

The movie is supposed to be a recently discovered lost film about a scientist who likes doing science, and his tapioca-making wife, who discover a meteor chock full of the rarest of all the radioactive materials, Atmosphereum. Another scientists wants to steal the meteor, so he can bring a dead skeleton to life and have it assist him in his evil take-over-the-world plottings. And yet a third party, aliens from the planet Marva (which I keep thinking is Mulva, a good reference for you Seinfeld fans), require the Atmosphereum to fix their broken rocket so they can return to their planet.

All kinds of silliness ensues. Wacky stuff there, and if you watch it knowing it is meant to be a spoof, and you look for all the wonderful send ups of the B-movie science fiction genre, you'll get the joke.

The guy who wrote/directed/starred in it, Larry Blamire (aka Dr. Paul Armstrong, Scientist), looks surprisingly like Ryan Stiles from the Drew Carey show, and it was funny to watch him and have Ryan Stiles in mind acting this way.

There are some incredibly funny scenes, really cheesy wonderful dialog (Kro-bar the alien has some super lines) and the mutant is a drop dead riot. Especially when you watch the blooper reel and can hear what he's saying inside the costume.

I'm only hoping Shaun of the Dead is good.

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