Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I won! I won I won I won!!!

So all week local radio station "The River" 92.5 has been giving away guitars autographed by Steven Page of Barenaked Ladies. He's out promoting his new side project called "The Vanity Project," and he signed 5 acoustic guitars. I pledged I would win one. And this morning, I did.

Yes I did.

To win, one must answer a trivia question. Not so much the "what is this song about" kind of thing, but questions they posed to Steven in studio last week when he was in house pimping TVP. They would ask, and give four choices.

Monday, the question was "What did Steven Page want to be when he grew up?" The choices were teacher, animator, director and something else (answer turned out to be animator). I got a busy signal the entire time and never made it through. Rats.

Yesterday the question was "What is Steven Page's favorite fast food item?" Choices were Egg McMuffin, Whopper with Cheese, Stuffed Crust Pizza or Bucket o'KFC chicken. I didn't get through. It was busy the entire time again. For the record, the answer is Egg McMuffin.

The DJ hinted at what the question would be this morning, so I called my sister in her office and had her google for me. She couldn't find anything that fit, or matched, or even came close, so I thanked her for her services and decided I'd take the risk of being wrong... and start dialing.

The question was "What is Steven Page's least favorite BNL song?" I had an inkling, but wasn't sure until I heard the four options, and then knew my hunch off the bat was wrong. I totally knew the answer. The options were One Week, Million Dollars, Grade 9 and ... something else. I totally forget.

Phone busy, phone busy, GAH! I KNOW this! I HAVE to get through.

And then I got a ringer instead of a buzzer. It rang and rang, and I was afraid the stupid Verizon bitch recording would come on and say "Your party isn't answering" the way she does... and I would have been so irked. But. I scored. The DJ picked up and asked me if I knew, I told him I was willing to take a guess. He read me the four options and I asked hopefully:

"Is it Grade 9?"

Yes it was. (Insert Windows "Ta-Daaaa" noise here).

I started laughing and had to pull over. I won. I never win anything. And this, my friends and longtime readers who know my hairy obsession with the five Canadian men who write lovely upbeat ditties about mental illness, post-modern ennui, and chickety China, is the greatest day of my life.

I gave all my particulars to the DJ, thanked him wholeheartedly. I called my sister back, who was streaming online and heard me answer the question. She was plotzing as badly as I was. I called Jessica and had Grandma get her out of bed so I could tell her. She was not thrilled to be woken up but was totally thrilled that I won...

C didn't hear me win, she wasn't streaming (that loser) so she missed it. I told the story a million times at the office. I posted on the BNL discussion board and one of the members had a picture that she emailed me... she works for the company that makes the guitars. Thank you, Kelly! She told me that someone from the radio station took it. I have no idea who it was, so I'm hoping the nod and thanks there at the bottom is okay. Dude. Check out his T-shirt. Heh.

So I'm home, and there is this hellish torrential rainstorm raging outside, otherwise my fat butt would be right over there to the station picking up the guitar. I am hoping it lightens up so I can dash over and get it.

Pictures forthcoming.

I won. Holy crap, y'all. I won!

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