Friday, July 01, 2005

kick at the darkness...

Today was the kind of day where you wake up, and you say "I pretty much have everything under control today!" Confidently you stride to work. You think there will be no worries, no problems, and you aim for the office and set to work getting things done.

You're cranking. You're making progress. And then. To quote Alanis in her song "Ironic" which isn't a series of ironic things at all but is actually just a series of unfortunate events:

Well life has a funny way
of sneaking up on you when you think everything’s okay
and everything’s going right.
And life has a funny way
of helping you out when you think everything’s gone wrong
and everything blows up in your face.

I'm talking about the "blows up in your face" part of things.

This week was slightly stressful, but no more stressful than most weeks when we don't have the content that we need for our programming delivered to me early in the week and we find ourselves sitting around waiting for it to arrive. By the time I left yesterday, things were in shipshape, tip-top, seaworthy status. I was convinced I'd had this week by the tail and it wasn't going to turn around and bite me hard.

I was confident too soon. At noon I found a mistake. Someone else's mistake. A spelling error that I'm sure NO one else would even notice (luscious has an "s" in it...) and we were all slated to leave to go to lunch and have a few drinks and hang out and enjoy an early start to the fun weekend.

Not to be.

So I had to rework the schedule, and that's more of a bear than it sounds like... right now it isn't as simple as clicking a cancel box that wipes the content away on all servers. I had to do it for eight sets of programming, and then replace the canceled piece with something that doesn't have a spelling error, and then repreview the content.

God bless my girl C for repreviewing for me. I'd still be sitting there watching the content if it wasn't for her.

We got to lunch late, and sadly the new guy didn't get to come with us... nor did the VP of technology who was fighting other fires of his own. I'm relieved to be home. I'm happy to be here. And it is the weekend and I am ready to just ... aaaaah.

Well -- this is a no fun entry. And it gets no more fun. Before I go and I hang out with the boy and do some laundry, I would like to ask you all for prayer.

I have a good friend who lost her job. She said things in her journal that were deemed... inappropriate by her employer. She was fired. And today, Unemployment denied her claim, for all the wrong reasons. She has 2 mortgages, because right before she got fired she moved into a new condo. She has the other condo on the market, but it probably isn't going to move fast enough to make a difference in her life.

She has a little boy.

She has a burden... and it is easy to say "be a lilly of the field" to someone in this situation, but these words will not bring solace. What will bring solace is resolution in a positive way. She will need us to pray for her if we live far abroad. She will need mojo to be sent her way to help her keep her chin up.

So please keep LD in your thoughts and prayers. Her journal is locked to all but those who are on her read list through journalspace, so you can't go read. Suffice to say -- take my word. She needs lifted.

It takes a village to raise a heart. And I think of the struggle she'll have and hear Bruce Cockburn singing in the back of my head, and the quote is on the sidebar.

I think that'd make an excellent name for a blog. "Kick at the Darkness"... if I were to start a new one...

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