Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Turkey Junior

Saturday we were able to enjoy round two of Turkey Fest 2005. Grandma hosted us with Linda and Ronnie coming up from New York. We had a nice time, and it was weird to leave. I'm used to going to Swirlie's house and sleeping over. But we only live 90 minutes away now, so it is just a tad bizarre and will take some getting used to.

I was glad to see Linda and Ronnie, and mom's stupid cat actually curled up with me to nap but I didn't sleep. I was able to steal some time with my sister, and then she was treated to the cat hissing at me and trying to bite me the way she USUALLY does when I see her. So that was fun.

We had a brief visit with Aaron. He came here on Friday and left Saturday to go to Maine and get the remainder of his belongings. I don't know if we're going to get to see him on his way South back to his parents' house. I hope so. I'll miss him once he's gone again.

chris finds ribbitToday we went Geocaching, even though there was snow yesterday and things got a bit covered up. We did three of the ones that are inside our 10 mile radius. A bunch of them have cropped up recently so we don't have to go far to get some finds. We just need to make the time.

We haven't been getting out and hiking enough. Most Saturdays or Sundays lately we get a later start and then lose the daylight. The entire month of October was rainy. I set out to have us hit 450 by New Years, but we are now at 433 and I think we'll be lucky to hit 440 by my goal date. I hate this time of year. Today we set up seven to find, and hit three. Mostly because we spent a good period of time looking around an area where we found a quick and easy cache, and we enjoyed the area more than we wanted to get body count for caching. I took a ton of pictures.

As always, they're in the flickr gallery.

The only big news in life here is that the countdown to BNL begins in earnest. Back in October I got our tickets for Thursday and Friday night's shows in Portland Maine and Mohegan Sun (CT) respectively. Thursday after I get home from work I grab Jess, K and her mom, and we girls jet up to Portland to rock out. We have to come home that night because K's mom has a test in the morning that she has to take for her nursing school program, otherwise I would have gotten a hotel room and spent the night up there.

After work on Friday, probably around 3pm, I'll grab K's mom and dad and head down to Connecticut. Doug will join us later and we're spending 2 nights at a hotel while my now nearby parents are hosting the children. Nice!

Well -- this entry has taken me three days to write. I have another whole rant about OnStar commercials that I want to post, so I'll save that for later unless I forget to post it. Remind me, okay?

Have a great day.

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