Sunday, February 12, 2006

Storm Watch 2006! Continues!

OH MY GOD! Dateline Massachusetts, 1pm. Sunday February 12th. Possibly the last day we'll ever see on this earth.

Six inches of snow have fallen. Many millions of people are desperate, trapped inside watching basic cable and running out of Pepsi and cigarettes... Will the madness EVER END! Stay tuned. We'll bring you up to the second reports of how nothing is happening! How one car skidded off the road, but managed to pull back on the road after the near death experience, and it just continued to drive on! We'll bring you reports of powerlines that aren't crushed under the weight of white fluffy powdery snow! We'll bring you pictures of the causeway in Nahant, which isn't flooded! Yet! But it could be any second now!

Six damn inches and the universe has ground to a screeching halt. People. I thought we were hearty New Englanders? What the hell has happened here? The news media is making it sound like we're all going to be blown off the face of the earth by 30 mile an hour winds. This. Is. New. England. The wind was blowing 30 miles an hour one of the times I went geocaching this fall. There is something so wrong with how the media plays things up around here these days. I've long held that the panic attack-having screeching Cassandras of the media are underwritten by the bread and milk companies.

Anyway, I'm only writing right now because I don't feel like cleaning Geoff's room, and because I posted some pictures from two of the houses we went to look at yesterday. If you want to see them, I posted them at, and if you have access to MLS listings, I provided the listing number so you can see more about them.

Flickr is awesome.

We looked at a bunch more, but I didn't take pictures of them. These two properties were vacant, and we spent about an hour at each one, skulking around hoping the neighbors didn't call the cops.

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