Thursday, March 16, 2006

Didn't Mean to Break Your Heart

So we accepted the offer from the buyer on this house. It is less than we wanted, but it is still a goodly price and gets us where we need to be in the end. And we went tonight and made an offer on blue house on busy street with in ground Puff Daddy (insert heavy bass beat) pool. We're waiting to hear if it is accepted. Our buyer's broker thinks that they'll come back with a counter offer and has advised us not to go over a certain figure for value on dollar.

Wheels keep on spinnin' round, spinnin' round, spinnin' round...

Tonight I had to talk to our tenants; they know we're selling the house, but we wanted to give them a more difinitive date as to when we plan to close. The buyer wants them to stay, but because the buyer is related to our neighbor, whom they do not like, they plan on leaving. No. Matter. What.

They said that they totally understand where we are, and they have plans, and not to worry -- they'll be okay. But in the end, I feel horrid because out of all the considerations I have had to put into play around this, they are the people I am most worried about.

I told them how much I want them to stay -- just at least until the summer when they can go up to their camp in NH and spend the summer there. I told them how much the buyer wants them to stick with, even if just through the summer. But because of bad blood with the neighbor, they want to bail ASAP.

And it breaks my heart, because I know they could so get on like a house afire with the new guy.

"We love you," she says to me, "and we don't want to get to know some new guy. We know that this is a great opportunity for you, and it is for us too. So don't worry. Don't worry."

Don't worry.

I'm sad. Really sad. My considerations for my wallet and my children aside, they matter a lot to me. Most landlords couldn't give a rat's ass at all -- but I love these folk, and want them to be safe and happy and be living somewhere that they can afford. I wish they'd stay with the new owner.

But it is what it is. They won't hear my argument, they've made up their minds. They'll be gone when we are gone. I love them, they've been nothing but saintly good fun people to have in my home. I've been fortunate and blessed to have good tenants in a universe where crap tenants exist.

If anyone is looking for a 2 bedroom apartment north of Boston, I'll know a landlord who needs to rent out a place immediately for $750. Leave a comment.

So now we play the waiting game. The buyer's broker is pitching our offer, we'll see what the seller comes back with. I'd like for this to not drag on for weeks. In essence, in 45 days I want to be closing. I don't want to dick around for weeks on end just to get to an agreed price. If they want to play games, we'll walk.

There are other places.

This is the best place for us. But there are two others that I'd take as well and be just as happy. Or, we tell our buyer that we need another month to secure something while we wait for other stuff to open up on the market. Spring is here. Other houses are going to pop up like the veritable spring crocus and we'll be able to pick something else.

Anyway. The Office is on. I missed Earl because I was all about talking to the tenants. I'm needing my dose of that hot little Jim now. Bye.

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