Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Dumpster Diving

Doug came home from work the other day and someone had ransacked the dumpster.

He, my husband, is a master dumpster packer. It's like Tetris to him -- all those years of video game playing have really paid off. In the mix of the stuff was an old propane grill which belonged to our tenants, and they said they didn't want it, so we put it in the dumpster. It was packed in there, arranged like a puzzle piece with tons of other crap. And way way towards the bottom of the pile.

Well, someone wanted it badly enough to dig through everything and undo the puzzle and take it.

And Doug was bullshit -- not because they took our trash, but because they got into the dumpster and messed everything up.

On top of that, we had thrown huge panes of glass in there from the old storm windows. (We had all the windows in the house replaced, and the storms were still in the basement). There were huge shards of broken glass everywhere in there.

What would the liability be for us if some douche sliced the shit out of his garbage-picking ass? I'm calling our insurance agent this afternoon to ask. I want to make sure we don't get sued if someone chiffonades their hands while fishing for treasure.


We are looking at two houses this afternoon. I wish there was something else to talk about here -- but it is really all-consuming in my life right now. There isn't much of an update on anything. Nothing is coming on the market for us to look at, so we are looking at two houses that we summarily dismissed when we started the process.

One is two blocks up the street from us. It was built in 1776. Four bedrooms, fireplaced kitchen, family room with a woodstove. Just under an acre of land. Reasonably priced. But because it is ON our current street, we weren't interested. I wanted to get off busy roads, remember? But. Now that some of our criteria have changed, we're going to take a look at it. It could be awesome. I'm a little worried about the age of the building, but. We'll see when we get inside.

The second one is a three bedroom 1.5 house with about an acre of land, not quite on a busy street but on a cut through from the busy street to the woodsy street. It abutts a 3 hole golf course, and they are asking CRAZY money for it. Based on the outside and its location I cannot for the life of me figure out why the asking price is so high, except that the listing broker is a maniac (we've had dealings with her twice before when she sold the house next to us and I really dislike her). Doug didn't even want to look at it because if we buy it, that means she makes money off of us and we can't have that. No. We can't. But. If the house bends me over and spanks me when we walk inside, we will make a reasonable offer. Way below the asking price. For certain.

Meanwhile, the house the next town over that we would love to buy sits there waiting. I made a bunch of phone calls yesterday to try and find out about school choice for elementary within the district -- and no one can give me a straight answer. It ended up with "call the principal of the school" and I did -- and now wait to hear back from her. She's not good at getting back to people. The assistant principal is a peach, a gem, an awesome guy -- so I went to him yesterday and he told me he's going to try and nail her down for an answer. If it is yes - all our problems are solved.

I am actually tiring of this situation. The spring market is when all the houses are supposed to go on sale. Everyone sells their house in March and April. But for some reason -- not here.

There have been no new listings in over 3 weeks in our town, and everything we looked at except Pink House (which we'd so buy but the seller will not renegotiate the land deal) and Cat Piss House have sold.

Where are all the houses that are supposed to be on the market?

Now that my tenants are out, we spent some time upstairs looking at the apartment. Part of me says "cancel the sale, and convert the house back to a single family -- but no -- it's time to move along.

Which leaves us the two houses we are looking at today, and nothing else. With nothing new coming on the market and not wanting to stay here, we're kind of in a bind, a pickle. As it were.

My biggest fear in the universe is that we may just settle for something, just to get out of here, and the most perfect house ever in the entire universe will go on the market a week later. And we'll be locked under agreement or already moving boxes into the u-Haul.

Pray for us please. I'm normally cool as a cucumber with stuff like this, but when you're talking a 1/3 million dollar investment, it's a bit nerve-wracking. And I could use your spiritual mojo and good vibes and prayers at this point. Thanks.

On another front, the neighbor cousin has his offer letter and deposit in to my lawyer. She sent us the purchase and sale agreement to go over and sign with him. Our realtor is going to review it and have us ask right questions to the buyer, seeing as we've never done anything like this before. So that end of things is happy and comfortable at this point.

And I need to leave for the office now. Take Geoff to the bus, get a move on. Wish us luck with the two houses today -- I'm sure there will be an update.

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