Monday, March 06, 2006

Just my luck...

I thought I would have a leisurely morning at home here, do some dishes, mop the floor. Geoff has a doctor appointment close to Boston, and it isn't until 10. Which means we could leave at 9 and get there early and walk around for a spell.

But I just learned that there is an accident, or, as Trooper Grant Moulison on WRKO news radio's traffic report says "an horrific accident" on Rte 128. And traffic is backed up well past our exit. In the next hour, that area will end up backed up all the way to Woburn. And we'll be sitting in it until noon unless we leave right this instant.

I'm not good with Boston AREA driving. I'm much more comfortable up here in the north country, heading to the mountains. Far from the city. I'm a country mouse, I guess. I just really hate sitting in traffic and being safe and conscientious when some dumb bastard in a VW GTI is going to obey his "FAST" and cut in front of me just to get one car length ahead.

The driving around here is the absolute worst. And it seems inevitable that every time we have an appointment down there, something horrible happens.

The last time we were down that way, on the way home someone ran over a state trooper who was giving out a ticket. And after the state trooper got run over, which of course brought everything to a total standstill and every cop in Massachusetts to the spot, some doofus in a tractor trailer decided to drive up the breakdown lane at top speed and he rear ended two police cruisers parked in the accident zone, thus jackknifing his rig across two lanes of traffic.

It took me 3 hours to get home that day. Pray for me, wouldya?

MLS 70309482 fireplace 2In other news, we looked at two other houses at open house viewings on Sunday.

One is the greatest house ever, see photo to the left... but is well out of our price range.

The other was okay, a little small, but workable. It had a huge room off the backside of the garage which could be used as a rumpus room with pool table and big beer fridge and big screen TV, or an apartment to rent out.

Unfortunately they are asking crazy money for it AND it reeks top to bottom of cat piss. No thanks. The cat was friendly and nice though, and let me play with him for a while and take pictures. Speaking of which... pictures are in the Flickr House Hunting Gallery -- go look if you are so inclined.

Tomorrow afternoon the neighbor cousin is coming to look at our house. Which is very exciting.

In the meantime, I got a phone call from our neighbors around the way who watch Geoff on Monday afternoons. Doug had mentioned to them that we are selling. They are concerned about us selling the house because they don't want to see a neighborhood of six houses go up behind our building on the neighbor land if the cousin and neighbor decide to tear our house down.

They may want to buy our house from us and rehab it and rent out three units to prevent this house from being torn down so a cul de sac can go in there and a hoard of homes can go up.

We could have a bidding war on our hands. If neighbor cousin isn't interested in the end, my fall back plan is our friends 'round the way. Doug said he'd gladly negotiate a plan with them, just to unload the house.

Very interesting developments here in amusingsland.

Alright then kids... I'm off. Gotta get the cup of java into the travel mug and get socks and boots on the kid. Cross your fingers that it doesn't take longer than an hour and forty five minutes for me to make a forty five minute trip.

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