Sunday, March 05, 2006

Lazy Sunday and Interesting Food Shapes

Mostly. But not really. We've got a slight undercurrent of busy here, it is just not a deluge of busy that needs to be attended to. For a change.

Geoff has a project due tomorrow. He's at the dining table working feverishly to get the pieces ready for a large piece of posterboard, yet to be purchased. We're going to an open house for yet another interesting house in town that we might be interested in. I think it is way beyond our means. Doug disagrees. Can't know if it is perfect unless we go see it, so we'll go and see it. Then I think we'll geocache, something I haven't been able to do for weeks. Doug has gone out a few times, but I've either felt the need to clean, tidy, organize, purge all our shit, or, I was sick, or, it was too stinking cold out.

So yeah -- we've got a handle on the day, and it's nice and mellow. I hope it stays that way and there are no bumps in the metaphorical road.

unhappy in defeatYesterday was, of course, the Pinewood Derby.

Geoff was eliminated fairly quickly, and didn't know it until the very end, so he enjoyed himself totally while all the racers were going down the ramp.

All the kids were awesome and excited. It came down to two best friends, and the boy who lost was semi-devastated, but managed to pull up the pride and hold his friend's hand in victory to the cheers of the crowd.

Geoff was pissed that he lost and got a "stupid" participant trophy. But he came home and put the car and trophy right on his dresser. Shows how stupid he really thinks it is. We learned a lot this year about how to do this right, and next year our car is going to rule. Geoff's friend Nick won most creative for their rank with the Mister Peanut car, like I predicted. It was awesome. We all had a great time, even though we didn't win and advance to regionals. I took a bunch of cool pictures. Of course. You expect anything less?

After the races, we went to my mom and dad's house. Linda and Ronnie are visiting for the weekend. We took Gammy (our grandmother) out for dinner, and it was fun but hard to visit with her because I was at the far end of the table minding a very grumpy 9 year old boy.

lobster clamAnd, true to form, I did something that shows what a sick person I am. Ronnie noticed that one of his pieces of fried clam looked an awful lot like a lobster. Isn't that ironic? A fried piece of seafood looking an awful lot like another kind of seafood. Gee, ain't that something. So we all had a good laugh at it, and, I took a picture of it. It wasn't until I got home that it really hit me, that I took a picture of fried seafood but didn't take a picture of my kids with their great-grandmother. Yeah, I'm a dunce.

But I have this cool piece of fried seafood to show for it. You love that, don't you? Yes you do.

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