Saturday, March 18, 2006


The tenants are moving out right now. And that sucks. They are acting like I set them on fire.

They are moving like lightning, and they are going going gone. They'll be gone today. And they don't need to be. I've tried to talk sense into them, that there isn't a rush, we don't have an agreement inked, no one has given a date. Jesus, it could be freaking May or June by the time all of this is settled.

But they're not wasting a second. And they're fleeing like it is evacuation notice in a hurricane zone.

It bums me out. There are so many factors that come into play here, and they don't need to go NOW. For instance, there is a dude digging holes in my back yard right now for Title V inspection. And I don't know if we're going to pass it when it all comes down to the nitty gritty. He gave us a ration because we have never pumped the system out. In 10 years. He said that it is supposed to be done annually.

Well no one told me that dude. Jeesh.

Doug's parents have septic, and they've NEVER pumped their system. A septic tank is supposed to be self sufficient and runs itself... that's why people use it.

My entire house stinks because of the septic inspection. I feel like I am going to pass out.

Another layer of stress is the buyer is blowing me off, won't return my calls, hasn't sent in his offer letter and his deposit. We can't do anything or go anywhere or burp without that in place. So I'm stressed about that.

The owners of the house we offered on came back with a counter that was ridiculously high. We countered their counter and won't go any higher.

At least that is what we said last night.

This morning my neighbor was out with his entire crew at 7am pushing dirt around, running machinery, and making all kinds of hellacious noise. And to be completely honest, we can't tell what it is he's attempting to do, or improve. Nothing looks different, just dirtier and pushed around.

So right now, I may counter the counter-counter with a higher amount just to get out of here and away from him. Doug and I decided that we cannot move fast enough. But if the house fails Title V, we are going to have to use our entire down payment to get the septic tank replaced. And that, my friends, could ruin everything.

My tenants will have moved out for naught. And I'll be stuck with the bill for the new tank, and we may as well stay here for 10 more years.

Can all of this be for nothing?

Am I going to end up not getting out of here and away from the noisy jerks nextdoor? Am I not going to be rocking out in a puff daddy pool this summer?

dumpsterifficTop all this off with the fact that yesterday afternoon things didn't wrap up nicely at the office the way one would hope a Friday afternoon with irish beer and Baileys and strawberry desserts would, and you find me today feeling kind of upset and anxiety ridden. And you know me. That's not like me.

We've spent the day filling a giant dumpster. We broke glass windows and argued about what to keep and what to pitch. Doug and I had a pretty good time and he makes me laugh and feel much better, so in the end, it'll all be okay. Right?

So a little later, once septic guy seals our fate, we will take all our recycleables to Kappys and Geoff can feed the recycle machine with a year's worth of cans and bottles. We'll end up with maybe 50 bucks from it (and he gets a cub scout elective achievement for his hard work). We'll buy some grillables and a bottle of some thing interesting that mixes with something else to create the end result of something tasty and grown up. We'll have a bonfire with the burnables from the basement. And a few drinks.

... so long as I can get that stinky septic stench out of the house once the guy is done.

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