Sunday, March 26, 2006

You may tire of me...

I got email from three people asking where I was. I'm not avoiding updates due to being sad about the house. That's for sure. I've sat down no less (no fewer?) than three times, started entries, and abandoned them because we had to go somewhere or do something. It is painful to be busy.

Da Skinny Black Man - Things I love ThursdayBefore I get started with the entry, I've neglected (through lack of time to update but not intention of heart) to give mad love, props and thanks to my boy, my favorite Marine, Mikey.

The week before last was a very hard, very busy week. Not only did we lose out on the house but work was stressy, and family was stressy, and it just was a rough week.

This week, out of the blue, I got a box in the mail. Mikey sent my my very own Mikey In The Middle Of The Road mug from Cafe Press. Now, it often goes to say that there is a lot of friendliness between folks on line. I can say Mikey is a friend of mine, even though we've never met. We've never spoken on the phone. We've exchanged emails, and now I have a mug with him playing dead on the road. I am more comfortable with him than I am with my neighbors. If I were ever in his neck of the woods I'd look him, the wife, the kids up -- and have a Guinness and some fun with them. And oogle Nic's new truck.

Is it a bad thing that in the Blogsphere I have more friends than I do in my home town?

Is it a bad thing to seek out the likeminded, or, the not likeminded but still nice to you types? (ie: half my read list is very different from me politically, socially, spiritually but we still seem to get along okay over the five years or so I've been involved with reading and writing online).

I don't know and I don't care -- I have a Mikey Mug, and I bet you don't. And I know my neighbors don't. So ha! In your FACE!

Thank you Mikey -- you're a gem.

Just for the record -- I started a blogger blog because two of my reads abandoned their regular journals and put up either a members only or a comments can't be left by non-members types... and I find that publishing there through Flickr is a lot of fun. I can use my pictures for instant entries that flickr just sends over to blogger. It kicks ass.

So if I have a quick, pithy comment on one of my pictures, I may just slap it up there in the chaos of the days. Bookmark the above address.

Yesterday we went to see the Harlem Globetrotters in Boston. Geoff's cub scout den was rewarded with tickets because they finished all their Bear level requirements. The rest of this year is electives and fun. So we'll still be doing stuff, but it will be more driven by what is fun rather than what is necessary. Almost all the boys went.

Back to the Globetrotters -- The place was half full, I guess the Globetrotters aren't the pull I remember them being in the 70s. I also grew up in NY where they were hugely big. I remember their Hanna-Barbera cartoon, and right up to this moment sitting here I had NO idea they didn't do the voices for their characters. Thank you IMDB for your help.

Anyway -- they were good, and they were fun, but there weren't nearly as many tricks as I remember there being. The other team wasn't the Washington Generals, which made both Doug and me gasp audibly... The New York Nationals? What the F?!? Who are these guys!?

There was a lot of needless stuff thrown in like this Globie mascot thing, which all the kids around us were so into but our kids were like "huh? What is that? I don't get it." I guess the real fans had the upper hand because the people behind us sang the Globie theme song (oh please go visit the Kids Court page and download it and read the heartwarming story of How Globie Came To Be...).

I wanted to see tricks and basketball. I wanted a good laugh from the clown princes of basketball.

There was some of that... but not enough to make me feel like I really got my money's worth.

It was more like watching rodeo clowns between rides. The banter between Paul "Showtime" Gaffney and the ref got tiresome after a while. There was a lot of "let's get western union out here and have fans throw balls into buckets for a Campbell's Labels For Education!" competition type of stuff. Boring.

It seems like nothing from my childhood has retained its staying power, can't live up to my memory of what it was like, as I breach the line between my 30s and 40s.

Either that, or it wasn't that good in the first place.

I am deathly afraid of actually ordering the recently released Electric Company DVD because I may watch it and say "I loved this? What was I thinking?"

So the song of the day, the quote of the moment over there somewhat sums up my feelings on being older. That song ("Brothers on a Hotel Bed") and "We Looked Like Giants" make me feel very nostalgic for 20 years ago in my life. And seeing the Globetrotters and realizing they aren't what they used to be either really bums me out.

Anyway -- we are still searching for another house. The one we really like a town over has come down drastically in price -- I need to find out if we can still keep Geoff in the school he's in for 3 more years and figure out what we can do for transportation for him. What I understand is they can go wherever they want for school within the district, but we have to provide transport for him. So that could be a sticky wicket.

Nothing new has come on the market in our town for over a week.

Neighbor cousin finally got his act together and is getting his paperwork in line. We talked extensively on Friday and it is understood that May is the date we're aiming for to close on the house. I will keep you posted, of course. You know I will. In the meantime, back to the basement for more cleaning. Or perhaps some Geocaching first. Not sure what's on the agenda today.

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