Friday, April 07, 2006

Divas and House Deals

Is there a diva in my house? Dare I say, there is! And it would be in the form of my 13 year old daughter. The play "Little Mary Sunshine" is indeed insufferable as far as content in a play/musical goes.


Little Mary Sunshine 040606The performance these kids gave was astounding. They had a fully PG Wodehouse accented Indian Tribe, with Brown Bear sounding more like John Lennon than any sort of anything else.

Little Mary herself was nauseatingly perfect with huge gleaming smile and shiny happy people eyes. Her use of the hoop skirt will go down in history.

Our good friend Robbie did a smashing job as Captain Jim, and I love watching him perform. He is deadpan and funny and I can't believe how wonderfully he sings.

And Jess. Oh. My. Gord. Simply perfect, funny as all get out with her faux german accent and her cape and her kick ass dress. Oh the dress. Oh the dress itself was beyond compare!

Her solos and duets were spot on. She KILLED the Vienna song and owned the last note like it was her personal servant. Like it was her job to hit that note.

I know she's my kid. And even if she sucked I'd be all like "yeah, she did as well as she could."

But she was unsuck.

I knew she could sing. I know she is funny and can act and do improv and just do a really good job at not cracking herself up when performing. But this was better than I expected. It was especially cool to look over at Doug and Geoff and see both of their mouths hanging open.

It was worth every leaving early and stressful workday. It is worth every ounce of energy she put in. It is worth me feeling guilty for departing before my co-workers.

Just to see my husband's face and to know "damn. That's my girl!" is going through his head.

Normally, I find it a little difficult to go to a second performance, but I always do -- to support her and her friends. Let it be noted, I greatly look forward to seeing her do this again. Not just her, but all the kids in this cast.

The other big piece of news you are all waiting for concerns our house.

We toured the property again this morning, talked about all the things wrong with it and formulated a plan for fixing (the windows have to be redone. the attic is un-insulated... the basement stairs are very rickety and scary...).

We figured out a price, and made our offer. Knowing he'd dropped the price drastically last week, our offer was way low, and we knew he'd come back with a counter.

We eventually found common ground, and he accepted and America, we are now the (tentative) proud owners of a 1774 Colonial.

I am cool enough for this house.

Now the paperwork phase begins. Pray for us. And I'm not kidding. I suck at paperwork. I suck at turning things in on time and getting all the right stuff organized. I need an administrative assistant to do that so I can do the important things in life, like write pithy self absorbed journal entries, take photos and be a blog terrorist.

Anyway -- I'm very tired. I just got back from picking Jess up at tonight's performance. She went to watch, do makeup and support in general. Tomorrow will be a long day. Sunday will be fun because Grandma and Grampa are coming up to see her perform. And that's awesome.

I'm going to bed. Good night!

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