Thursday, April 27, 2006

I had a wicked awesome day

Okay friends, when was the last journal entry I gave you which wasn't chock full of me fretting about the freaking house? It's been a while. And I'm here to proudly proclaim, this entry will have no house bemoaning. Are you ready? Let's go.

I woke up in a good mood, with no neighbornoise© bothering the hell out of me. For the first time in weeks.

Geoff did his homework before I was even up, so the Gordon Show was awesome because we didn't have to rush the homework part.

I had forgotten to pull the mail yesterday afternoon, so I went and grabbed it and found a certain wedding invitation (squeeee!) and a box from Amazon of two books that I bought (one by Teller, one by Penn Jillette) and I'm irritated that I'm not done reading the book that I'm currently reading so I can dive into some Sock. But I got over that quickly knowing I'd have something to look forward to in a day or so.

Traffic was horrible on the way to work but I cranked the BNL and enjoyed myself greatly. I drove really fast, and didn't see a single cop on I-95.

I had a lot of coffee. Yay.

bloo - color correctionWhen I got to work Gretchen gave me this awesome little burger king kid's meal toy from Cartoon Network's Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends.

I could do a whole big thing on this guy and a recent episode I saw, but I'll save that for my next entry.

Suffice to say, Bloo Rules.

Then, I got everything done that I set out to get done before 2pm. I was expecting a phone call from a fellow flickr user, Rick Harris.

He is in Boston for a conference, visiting all the way from Canada. So I figured I'd invite him up to Marblehead and hang out with him for a while, and then give him a ride back to the train station.

Better yet -- there's a bus that goes from Marblehead to Wonderland and to Haymarket, so I gave him a bus schedule. I picked him up at about 3pm, and we toodled around the area. We toured Marblehead Neck and I showed him the ostentatiously crazy big houses out there. We spent some time shooting pictures at Candler Hovey and talking about BNL. We had some coffee and I ditched him so right now it is my solemn prayer that he's alive and well and back at his hotel and not stranded somewhere floundering because he's lost.

Boy, would I feel guilty as hell.

Especially after having such a really nice visit with him. That would suck so bad.

So heavy duty mojo to Rick to get home okay.

I went back to the office and did a bunch more stuff. I felt really awesome and psyched and cleaned up and headed home happy.

It took me only 40 minutes to get home, which is so unheard of I thought I ought to share that. It is usually like an hour. Man alive, that was awesome.

Then, tonight we went over and met with the guy who is selling us the house. He has a bunch of furniture that he wanted to sell us, so we bought 4 book cases, a dining table and six chairs, a couch and chair and ottoman set, two double bed mattress/box spring combinations... we cleaned up.

And he threw in two silver candle sticks for good measure.

It's a lot of money, but it is a lot less than if we buy everything NEW... and it's already IN the house. So we don't have to move it, schlep it, struggle with it, or otherwise have a rough go of it.

Before we went over, Doug ran up the corner and bought a bottle of wine, which we shared and toasted and chatted and had fun over. Geoff fantasized all about what his daily life is going to be like in the house. He ran through his day from pretending to get out of bed in the morning, to eating breakfast to running through the entire rest of his day to dinner and to bed. It so entertained the seller of the house (I'll call him TD) and he laughed and laughed, and was so pleased with Geoff's excitement and enthusiasm.

I'm home now, and Earl is on, so I oughta go watch my favorite TV show. Followed by my other favorite TV show. I just wanted to say that overall, it was a helluva day.

If yours was 1/2 as fun as mine, you had a great day too. And I truly hope you did.

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