Sunday, April 23, 2006


We're past the age where our friends get married. Back in our mid-twenties, we went to a wedding a month there for quite a while. Lately, there has been a dearth of weddingage, and more of a series of phone calls outlining who is separating from whom, and what marriages are falling on hard times.

So this and next weekend are odd-ducks in our calendar of life.

My cousin John got married in Japan last year. He'd been there teaching for a long time and found a nice young lady to marry. God bless her for being that gal. John wanted a reception when they came back to the USA to live, which they have, so today is the day.

It'll be nice to see extended family. Most of which I haven't seen since my Auntie died in February of last year. We're not a very close family. Kind of like Episcopalians and church, we seem to "hatch, match, and dispatch" for our gettings together, and not a lot of other stuff in between.

Longtime readers know Mr. N (Steve) was married to my girl C for a long long time (Hi, C... I know you're checking in from the trade show or from your landing back here). A very long time ago in (a)musings history (2001 to be exact) I wrote a little bit about some of my thoughts and feelings around what happened with them and what happens in general when friends split up.

Mr. N has remarried, to someone I'm friends with from another circle (I'm telling you -- my life is a huge series of six degrees of separation) and so they're having their reception next Sunday. They got married in November, and they're really cute and happy. So I'm looking forward to raising a toast to them. Here's to second chances friend.

Now C... you've got the ring, when can I toast you? Either privately or in a big shindig. Let me know, wouldya.

The only one left to marry off is my little sister.

I'm sure people will be up in her grill at the party today, family tends to get like that more than friends who seem to stand back and let you live your life.

She's got the fiancé, she's got the ring, she's got the house... and I'm sure she'll need a stiff drink by about 12:34 (the party starts at 12:30).

Jess and I had nothing to wear today between the two of us. So we had to go shopping. We went out specifically to grab something nice for her to wear. If it isn't a BNL hoodie, ripped jeans and flip-flops, it is too dressy for her. So she owns nothing.

Sad thing is, she picked what I would have picked for me if I had been shopping for me, so I came home without a bonus back up outfit.

I have a whole ton of clothing that doesn't go together or match or look decent on me. But I figured I had at least two things I could wear.

Back when we got our bedroom set, I threw a ton of clothing into a box, and figured "I'll just grab that pink blouse and the floral capris that go with them." So I didn't shop for me. The pink blouse is there, the floral capris are not. I wonder if I didn't accidentally chuck them into a bag for goodwill. Gah.

I've noticed that at clothing stores no one is selling dresses anymore. A couple of weeks ago when we were hunting for the dress for Jess' play, we went to elevendy different stores and not a single dress was to be found. Kind of mysterious. I'm not a big dress person, but it was just kind of bizarre that black cocktail dresses weren't available for sale at places like Kohl's and JC Penney.

So I managed to scrape some things together that look somewhat decent. I hate putting on nice clothing. If it isn't a flannel shirt and a pair of jeans with my Columbia sportswear clogs, it's too dressy for me.

Anyway -- gotta finish wrangling the boy into his dress shirt and clip-on tie. More later.

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