Wednesday, April 05, 2006

There goes a raven and there go the ribbons

Monday morning we had our offer letter on 1774 house all printed out and ready to go, and our broker called as I was getting ready to walk it on out the door.

"Hold onto it for a few -- I just got word that there are four new houses going on the market this week, and two of them are what I think you are going to want to see, according to the listing broker."

Well, the listing broker still hasn't posted them. They aren't on the market, my broker can't get any further information out of her, and the 1774 house owner dropped his price by 20k this week.

America, you know I am not a hasty person. I've dragged my feet to be safe, I am late for everything. I have waited to see what happens next, and lost out on things that I wanted. I don't think I want to run the risk of losing out on this house.

We're going to look at the house again on Friday morning after Geoff gets his bus. And we're coming, offer in hand.

So until then, no further house updates, but you'll be the first to know, America. (I'm channeling my inner Bernie Mac if you haven't guessed).

In other news, Jessie's play runs this week. There were so many kids they split up into two casts. One cast is having opening night tonight (in fact, they are hopefully 10 minutes into the performance).

They are doing the highly controversial play "Little Mary Sunshine," and I had no idea it was controversial in any way until I read some webpages on it while looking for info to link to here.

Apologies in advance to my one very cool and hot at the same time Native American reader (I believe, being Canadian, I can also refer to her as First Nations) Bree.

I am interested in seeing if they play it as it is intended -- a full on farce. Or if they interpret it differently and play it like a drama with no irony. It is SUPPOSED to be a musical that pokes fun at musicals -- really over the top and all kinds of wrong, with ridiculous performances (Patricia Heaton herself played the title role at one point) and ridiculous stereotypes to illustrate the ridiculousness of the entire thing. Very dark, very Monty Python, very all kinds of wrong and that's OK. I will review it tomorrow after I see it.

All I know is that these kids have worked their collective asses off... and I hope it all goes well and in the end they learn something good, whether it is about Native Americans, one another, theatre, or anything.

Now, I know that middle school and high school drama departments often put on plays that are cheap to come by, are easy for the kids, or, are sometimes eyebrow raising.

"The Vagina Monologues" has been done in high schools very recently in this area, and I have to be completely honest in saying that it is NOT appropriate material for 15 to 18 year olds. No. End of conversation.

I'm certainly not a PC person, but I'm not really sure how I feel about the content in Little Mary Sunshine, and whether or not I'd find it as offensive as something like someone talking about her pussy on stage...

The only prior info I had on the play was that Amy had told me that it is not a good play. She grimmaced when I told her the kids were doing it, and she said "not a good play."

I thought it was just a cheesy piece of crap in a not a good play kind of way.

I figured NOTHING could be worse than Starmites... which they did for their musical LAST year. Certainly, nothing ever will be worse than Starmites. Ever.

Anyway -- Jess needed a dress for this thing.

She is Ernestine, the German Opera Star who stays at the lodge owned by Ms. Little Mary Sunshine. This is her first PRINCIPAL role in a play. And she was thrilled to hell to get it.

They gave her a dress that was about 5 sizes too small. She looked like a blonde sausage. It was burgundy, velvet, and clung to her like Glad Wrap.

I am very glad I was there the day they handed out costumes because I said "Oh, hell no." Theatre mom went into high gear that night.

"Jess," I said to her, "Do you LIKE that dress?"

"Um, no." she responded. "It is too small, and it is hot, and I hate it. And I look like an idiot."


So I had her mention something to the theatre director, who went out immediately and located another dress for her and put it aside at a little consignment shop over in Ipswich MA (why she didn't pay for it right then and there is beyond me). Meanwhile, I had contacted the Diva herself, Taunia, and asked if she had a dress that worked. She does, and we were going to pick it up on Monday night but I found out from Jess that night that her teacher had picked out a different dress so we wouldn't have to get Taunia's. (thanks for havin' a sista's back, Taunia, yo.)

Yesterday at 7 pm the theatre teacher tells me that she cannot go pick it up, so she needed me to go get it.

Holy freakin' Jebus.

I left work early today and made it there just in time. The little shop is called Bejeweled, and I swear to you America, it is the coolest little consignment shop in the universe.

They have clothing from the 20s onward, pillbox hats, mink stoles, opera gloves, more pillbox hats, purses! oh the purses! costume jewelry, shoes! Hell yeah America! I spent about 20 minutes looking through all the dresses before I realized I needed to get home to give a ride to one of the girls who is in tonight's cast.

The dress her teacher found is a 1940s black velvet dress with no back, a huge V cut in front (she's wearing a black cami under it because she has no boobs to fill it out) and it will fit her magnificently. Oh my goodness -- it has RHINESTONES all around the V of the neck and a matching little reticule covered in rhinestones to go with.

I died and went to stage mother heaven.

So the dress was 55 bucks, the reticule was 20, and the silver lamé gloves were 14 (I got those extra, because they ROCK, heh). And she is going to look the SHIT up there on stage. She's got a cape, and she's got someone doing up her hair, and man alive she's gonna KILL in that dress.

I can't wait to see her.

Because the cast is split up into 2, there are minor roles who are performing all shows. And the principals and the major players are playing off and on nights. Opening night is tonight, and Jess' friend Meg is Ernestine. Lindsay is Little Mary, and Robbie is someone else. Tomorrow night is Jess and Emma and Byron... and I can't wait to see them.

Because I'm a mental case, I almost went tonight. Instead I came home to write to you, America.

Jess will perform tomorrow night and we'll go. She's there tonight supporting... because she's just that way, and then she'll want to go again Friday. And I'll go with her then to see the alternate cast.

I love these kids. And I love that she's part of this.

Anyway -- I'm going to go eat dinner, it should hopefully be ready by now. Have a good night y'all.

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