Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Karaoke Geoff

Here is a picture of my son losing his Karaoke Virginity Sunday at S & E's wedding reception at the ripe young age of nine:

geoff lost his karaoke virginity at age 9

check out how he rocks the mic, yo. Special thanks to Mr. N's mom,
whom I believe took the shot.

Not much to report. Work has been crazy busy this week. I think I haven't left before 6pm any day this week. Not like me... I am usually gone by 5. Tomorrow I have a meeting with Geoff's special ed team. So I'll be leaving work at 2 to head home. That'll be a welcome change. To get home and still have energy to do something.

On Friday, Geoff crashed his bike. Right into the side of the dumpster. He wasn't hurt, but the damage to the bike was terminal. Prognosis Negative! It is in the dumpster now. We're going to go buy him a new one, because he's gotten so good at riding. The only reason why he crashed is the hand brake cable was broken, and he had been simply using his feet to slow and stop (not too bright) even though I taught him how to use the foot brake.

Lucky for him the dumpster was there. Otherwise -- he would have gone off the drop (for those who know our house, you know where this is) at the side of our drive that plummets to the creek 8 feet below. He would have been damaged for sure.

Thank you, God and Dumpster.

BNL - EMC World Boston

Jess has gone with her school to Washington DC and I miss her horribly. I pine for her. Pine, I tells ya.

So in the meantime, I will crank up the BNL and I will gaze upon the flickr set of pictures taken by Mr. Rick Harris (oh, they're nice, see to the left for a sampling) and I will try and miss her less. She'll be home on Sunday morning, and I hope she has a really nice time with her roommates, and that it doesn't rain the entire time as it is forecasted to do.

Not much else to report. Guess that's about it folks. Move along now, nothing to see here.

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