Thursday, May 25, 2006

Soon, I will be able to talk about something other than boxes and liquor booty. Today we close on our houses. At noon we sell this house, and at 4pm we buy the next house. I may have carpal tunnel by the time I'm done, or I may be crippled entirely. Who knows.

Today we move boxes into the truck. Boxes and couches and beds and clothing. Tomorrow, we unload said truck sometime after 9am, and we settle into our next house. We hired some students from the college to come help out. About 15 of them responded to my advertisement on the school website. I have extra phone numbers to call people if we need reinforcements. I think it will be okay though. We should be able to do everything we need to do today without difficulty.

Tomorrow, after everything is out, I will go through and clean everything and we'll be done by noon. That's my plan. That's my plan.

It seems really surreal as I look around. We aren't fully packed, but can't really pack more until some of this stuff is out of the way. So getting boxes and couches and end tables and bureaus into the truck will give us elbow room for more boxes to put stuff in. It'll all come together nicely.

Our internet gets turned off in the morning so, anyway kids... this is it.

I'll post from amidst the unpacking of boxes and the styrofoam peanuts later.

Thanks for all your love and support. This lady needed it. And on that note, where's my coffee?

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