Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Guster Cruise!

Last night Doug and I were some of a very lucky few who were able to go on a little 90 minute harbor cruise with the band Guster.

For those non-local folk, Guster grew out of Tufts University in the very early 90s, slowly building popularity through Boston and the Northeast. Guster is now a huge national act (in my opinion). I'm a big fan, and really enjoy them a lot. Adam Gardner did a little side project last year called the LeeVees and they opened for Barenaked Ladies on the holiday tour. Hanukkah music never rocked so hard and loud and fun. Mazel Tov!

guster me and ryanI'm pictured here looking fat and windblown, wishing I had a hat on to keep my hair from doing that thing across my forehead, with Ryan Miller, Guster's lead singer and water bottle waver.

The booze cruise was a lot of fun -- it was at least 90 in Boston during the day yesterday, so getting out on the harbor and cruising around was a welcome and breezy relief.

The band played everything I wanted to hear except for Fa-Fa. They played my favorite song, Careful, which was awesome. And, they played a few great cuts from the new CD "Ganging up on the Sun" which I bought and gave to Jess because she could not be with me. They even sang the National Anthem (in English, heh) in harmony. I do believe they are singing it at Fenway, and needed the rehearsal time. The audience sang along in harmony too. It was really fun and campy and I loved it.

There are a few good shots on flickr, not just of Guster but of the beautiful harbor, ships and skyline of Boston. The full set is located here if you'd like to go view them.

I wanted to take a million pictures but didn't want to annoy the band. There were maybe 60 people on board the ship, and the Guster made themselves really available for chatting before and after the music. They were just really friendly and kind, and I think the fans reciprocated by not being all crazy. I get the impression that the vast majority of fans of some bands just want the opportunity to chat with the people, not to hug and glom on them and gush and ass kiss for hours. I wanted to talk with them longer, but there were people glomming in, so I let it go. I wanted to know what they thought about heading onto the cruise with BNL in January of next year, because I hear they are signed up to go with.

Of course, even though I love Guster it all boils down to Barenaked Ladies.

It was a simply gorgeous night. I was psyched to have the opportunity to go.

Today is the last day of school for the kids. Finally. Jess should be home by 11:30, Geoff by 12:15. Jess wants to go to a party at her friend's house after school and I think Geoff has cub scouts at 2 in the form of an end-of-year pool party. It has been brutally hot the past couple of days, and I will gladly let him go.

So I'm taking the morning off and will be home waiting for them. The dog needs some shots, the truck needs an oil change, so it'll be a good time for me to get some things taken care of. I may even clean the bathroom. Who knows. Then I'm going to go to the office and work for a few hours... I can't afford to lose a full day of work so I'll go down and pound out the rest of the week's programming. I will bring the Guster CD with me.

Right then. That's the update for right now. Have a good day!

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